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Death and the Queen:
Death and the Queen is the final episode of The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume One from Big Finish.
Featuring Donna.
Written by James Goss.
This has Donna meeting and falling in love with a prince of a kingdom that the Doctor has never heard of in spite of his claim that he has been eveywhere.
Playing the prince Rudolf's mother the Queen Mum is Alice Krige. This casting must be some sort of amusement from Big Finish as Krige had played a different kind of queen that of the Borg Queen in Star Trek.
As the Queen Mum, Krige made for a good sparring partner to Catherine Tate's Donna Noble and it was amusing that at one point Donna called the Queen Mum, her Mummajesty!
Coincidentally I am also listening to Krige in UNIT: Shutdown.
Also in the cast is Beth Chalmers as Hortense who is like a companion here as the Doctor pointed out.
No doubt Goss wrote Hortense that way for Chalmers to play as she had for a brief time played Seventh Doctor companion Raine Creevey but Big Finish is not able to use this character since due to certain issues.
The Doctor mentioned Blackpool. No doubt an in-joke of David Tennant being in the Blackpool TV series.
Among the menace here is that of a skeleton army. Coincidentally I started an animated series called Skeleton Warriors (1994-95).
Donna makes reference to Skeletor and the Doctor would also make the same reference when referring to the Master in The End of Time, the swansong for both the Tenth Doctor and Donna.
There is a reason why Death is in the episode title, the revelation of which is presented at Donna's wedding to Rudolf although it felt like I seen something similar on-screen.
Death and the Queen is a very superb story with the prospect of Donna becoming a queen, the menaces that are at play and Beth Chalmers very good as the companion-like Hortense.

Incidentally I have seen Catherine Tate as a queen before in Gulliver's Travels (2010).
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