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The Death of Captain Jack:
The Death of Captain Jack is the season 4 opener of the Torchwood Big Finish audio series.
This story marked James Marsters’ return as Captain John Hart since playing him in the TV series in three episodes of season 2.
Written by David Llewellyn and released in March 2018.
The Death of Captain Jack begins with Hart visiting Jack incarcerated and in the near state of what it says in the story title.
What ensues is the presentation of events that is a complete divergence to what was known before.
The disregard to Torchwood continuity has certainly allowed Marsters to have a lot of fun in his reprisal as Captain Hart.
Marsters truly got to shine a lot more than what he was given in his TV appearances.
Marsters has the spotlight here with Jack having a minimal involvement here.
Among the comedic aspects of this story like a joke about two Greats, Alexander the Great and Catherine the Great and the brief brushes has with Children of Earth & Miracle Day.
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