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Morris Minor

Originally Posted by wendyemc
Hi Chris,

Nice to see some input on these pages again. I think you're right about photo 26 being a shot looking down Coronation Drive. I have one posted in my other thread of Bob's Lae photos, looking up Coronation Drive from the park at the bottom. We, too, had a Morris Minor (2 door) in Lae - our second car after the Singer with the ****y seat. Mum & Dad brought it second-hand around probably 1960/'61 and it was pale green as I remember. They bought a new Morris 1100, again pale green, in 1965, which I remember well - I put the very first dent in it out near Malahang when Bob was teaching me to drive, which didn't make either of us exactly popular with my parents

Cheers, Wendy
Hi, Wendy.
My mother finally traded the Morris Minor for a pale blue Mini Minor in about 1963 and subsequently traded the first Mini for another in about 1967. She took delivery of the second one in Sydney, used it during her "leave", then shipped it back to Lae. I learned to drive in the second one, but only "dinged" it after it was shipped back to Sydney in 1971.

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