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Re: Lae in the 1960's

Originally posted by Scott Martin
I am fortunate to have my mother, Barbara Martin, staying with me... Mother lived in Lae from the early 1950's until 1974 and is a wealth of information about Lae of old. Mind you she is getting on a bit and wants it known that the memory can be a little hazy at times.

Mother advises that the shop in 4th Street you enquired about was called "Betty's Green Shop", owned by Betty Crowley and stocked with greens and vegetables flown in from the Highlands by her husband Laurie Crowley (Crowley Airways).

Eric Whitton also sold fresh vegetables in his shop on 7th Street, between Yuk Chee Wong and Jimmy Birrell's Century Motors, and across the road from Alf Arenas' Garage...
Me again, Scott. I'd already worked out from another of your photos that the blue building with the food mart sign next to Yuk Chee Wong was Whitton's Freezer and Gift shop in my day. The ANZ bank was on the other side of Yuk Chee Wong's, on the corner of Coronation Drive and 7th Street. Century Motors must have been on the corner of 7th Street and Central Avenue and the garage on the other side of Central Avenue? There was also another fruit and vegetable shop in 4th Street, next to Worrals chemist, called the Salad Bowl. It's in one of the photos I posted, though again the detail is unclear once the photo has been downsized. Dad can't remember who owned that either, except he does remember that when Mum took the Lumme kids in while their mother Hope was in hospital for a good number of weeks that the people who owned it refused to let her pay for any fruit and vegetables she needed the whole time she had them in her care.

Regards, Wendy

PS. Say hello to your mother for me.
Wendy Clarke (formerly Wendy Phillips)
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