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“ Several times, we had to get the taxis to move away from the projection room.

“Some of them would get on the two-way radio and ask the radio operator back at base for their next fare - paying passengers.

“Sometimes they would become quite vocal and swear.

“This would be picked up by the speaker leads, be re – amplified, and sent back to the speakers even louder.

“We heard some lovely and lively conversations sometimes, but the female part of the audience would not have approved.”

“The projectors that we used were called Gaumont Galee, 35mm frames, which passed 24 frames past the gate per second,” he remembered.

“ The light that was produced to project the images onto the huge screen - largest in the southern hemisphere at the time - was from passing a 35Amp current at about 48 volts DC between two carbon electrodes, covered in an overlay of copper coating.

“ There was a shorter electrode which protruded through a three - inch hole in the centre of the parabolic mirror.

“ The longer electrode was placed in front of the other.

“My duties were, upon entering the projection box (room), turn on the main three - phase switches, house switches (where the audience sat) amplifier switches, and lastly the three projector switches.

“Read the diary for any special instructions. Man, there were plenty of comments passed in this book.

“Get the sound system working, (records only in those days) prepare the projectors, thread up the 20 minute reels of film, set up the lamp housing (light source), put either wide screen or cinemascope lenses in the projectors, and change the gates to the correct film apertures (cinemascope or wide screen format).

“ Do the slide check over.

“We used glass slides for advertising.

“ This slide machine also had a carbon arc source.

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