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Hello there,

Port Moresby is pretty much the same as when you left but you are right when you say you have to be more careful nowadays.

What I suggest is that you can still visit, why not, if you would like a trip down memory lane.

I would then suggest you stay at a hotel and instead of hiring a motor vehicle, why not contact Corporate Transport and ask them to drive you around or a few hours.

It works out around K30 per hour and in a small place you can see quite a bit.

Besides to hire a motor vehicle would cost you more by the time you added the cost of insurance, hire etc.

If you are interested, send me a private message and I will let you know how to contact them.

After all on the plus side.....if it was really as bad as people think outside of Port Moresby, why on earth would all of us still be living here.

Its also one of the reasons I commenced this website to be able to put some positive feedback out there in the market place and for people like yourself to ask questions from someone like muppie and myself who actually live here.
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