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The Shadow Passes:

Written by Paul Cornell.

Featuring the Thirteenth Doctor, Graham, Yaz and Ryan.

This story is told from Yaz's perspective.

Cornell has presented this story an allegory for passing time during the COVID-19 pandemic. After all just as The Shadow Passes so will COVID-19.

The allegory here has the Doctor and friends in a shelter on Calapia while the Death Moon hangs over it.

Fun the games they play to pass this time.

During this time Lewis Capaldi's name came up. Through his father's side, Capaldi's second cousin once removed is Peter Capaldi, Jodie Whittaker's predecessor as the Doctor.

The Doctor says about putting "this girl in a mirror". This is a reference to Daughter of Mine from Cornell's story Human Nature/The Family of Blood.

Enjoyable story that reflects the current state of the real world.
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