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Glenda Clapp is on a distinguished road

My name is Glenda Clapp (nee Jones). I was in Lae with my parents Elva and Ken Jones (MBE) from 1955 to 1974. My father was the Manager for the Artifical Limb Factory at the Lae Hospital. I attend the Lae Primary school and Lae High School. I worked for the Dept of Transport before going to work in Bougainville and Port Moresby. We lived in 7th Street - we had many friends, some of which we are still in contact with being the Connells, Smiths, Jacksons, Dobells, Mortons, to name a few.

It is so nice to surf this site and enjoy the memories of our years in PNG - which were wonderful - such a good life with lots of great social life - and strong long lasting friendships were made (I guess because we could not rely on 'rellies').

We originally came from Perth and are still here. I am married (28 years) with one son (21 years). My parents are in reasonable health - Dad 83 and Mun 81 - Dad has been retired since he was 50 years - and they have enjoyed a wonderful and fulfilling retirement making many and varied trips around the place - but now they only do day trips around Perth etc.

My son is at Uni doing Pharmacy and Forensic Science. I am still working - commercial and retail property management - which I still enjoy.

I would love to hear from anyone who knew us - it would be great to have communications.

I will endeavour to retrive old photos from our 'Lae days' and will place them on the site for others to enjoy.

Take care
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