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Business Entry Permit :

Business Entry Permit permits a person to enter PNG to conduct business as distinct from undertaking employment. Application for permits may be made at PNG Overseas Missions or where there is no PNG presence, the nearest Australian Overseas Mission.

Business Entry Permits can also be obtained on arrival into Port Moresby’s Jackson International Airport.

Business Entry Permit is valid for a maximum of sixty (60) days per entry and are valid for 12 months from date of issue. Entry permit can be extended once only for a further 30 days. Business entry permits are multiple entry.

Procedure and Requirements are as follows:
  • The applicant must complete a Request for Entry Permit (Form 1).
  • Covering letter from the sponsor detailing why the applicant is coming to PNG and expected number and length of visits is to be provided. Note that a sponsor letter is required in order to obtain a business entry permit on arrival.
  • Evidence of return tickets
  • Payment of Business Entry Permit = K500.00
  • Visa extension (30days) fee = K750.00

Working Visas:

Applying for a business visa requires all manner of letters from home and PNG, as well as details of your business. A multiple-entry visa allows up to 60 days stay each time and costs the equivalent of K500.00.

If you are seeking an employment visa, you must provide certain medical results, details for a police clearance, a copy of your employment contract , copy of Work Permit issued by the PNG Dept of Labour & Employment. A short-term visa will cost the equivalent of K550.00.

Church and aid volunteers can enter on a special K50.00 visa but the issuing authorities are required to wait for special immigration department approval. Researchers, film makers and journalists must submit their visa applications with a special application form from the National Research Institute (tel 326 0300; fax 325 0531; PO Box 5854, Boroko). They cost K50.00 (journalists K500.00).

People coming in by yacht pay K200.00 for a visa (which must be obtained in advance) and possibly a K300.00 customs clearance fee when they leave.

There are heavy penalties for overstaying your any visa, some as high as K5000.
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