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Star Trek: Short Treks 2 x 2 - The Trouble with Edward:
The episode title is a variation of The Trouble With Tribbles and this episode is certainly about the Tribbles.
Brief appearance by Anson Mount as Captain Pike as he sends off crew member Lynne Lucero who got promoted as captain of her own ship the USS Cabot.
The said Edward is the Cabot's science officer who has proved troublesome (pun may or may not be intended) to his new captain when he disobeyed her orders in stopping his experiments on the Tribbles.
Very funny when Captain Lucero brought him to task on his complaints to the higher ups about her and getting into an argument of when a conversation was over.
Captain Lucero's command of the Cabot proved very short as the Tribbles take over the ship and kill Edward in the process.
Very funny at the inquiry when Captain Lucero said that Edward was an idiot.
Also funny that it ends with an ad of Tribble cereal.
Very funny episode.
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