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Good advise u had there~Cheers!!
Mayb u're right,my ex-pat fren staying there was jus 'sterotype' bcos ASIAN ppl's mind are conservative.Hopes tis make clear idea for u.
Since i'm totally unaware of this new 'strange' culture place~ tats the comment i had heard from them(they stayed at POM) which gave me the 1st impression (real bad).Instead i decided to voice out their comments at the thread here & find out if its really tat bad.
Almost 80% of ex-pats tells the same to me but i assume this is only their personel point of view-Let's jus take it an experience of wat we hav heard since i,myself had not been there too.

I see another diff world of PNG after i ve read your words,hopefully i really does enjoy stay at PNG.
Gets puzzled on wat u mean by 'give my child a valuable experience~' well,any suggestions of activities there? So far,i cannot get any good details on activities at wewak-not even s good pre school(it seem tat tis is an old fashioned/boring place)-hence,any idea?
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