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Hunt The Man Down (Big Finish):
Big Finish remake of the TV episode of the same name.
The TV episode is the 10th of the series while the Big Finish remake is its 15th overall and the penultimate episode in Vol. 4 of The Lost Episodes set.
The TV episode was written by Richard Harris and the Big Finish adaptation by Justin Richards in this his first adaptation of the Avengers episodes and the first person to make an adaptation of The Avengers other than John Dorney who did all the previous adaptation.
Unlike the previous adaptations, the original script for Hunt The Man Down does not survive.
Instead this adaptation is based on original synopses as well as production photographs.
Amazing that Richards managed to make this coherent episode based on all that.
Hunt The Man Down has Frank Preston being released from prison and soon gets reunited with associates who are thugs as they demand to know where the money that he stole but got saved at that moment by Steed who also wants to know that very information.
As it turns out Frank's wife Stella is in charge of those thugs as she goes against her husband in getting the money.
A very good episode in which husband and wife Frank and Stella becoming enemies due to lots of money and what goes along the way including Carol again being a captive in proceedings and culminating with its climax in the sewers.

For the Big Finish remake Frank is played by Tim Treloar and Stella by Elizabeth Morton.
Treloar plays the Third Doctor for Big Finish's Doctor Who range while Morton is married to Fifth Doctor Peter Davison, which also makes her the stepmother-in-law to Tenth Doctor David Tennant.
So Hunt The Man Down has the Third Doctor married to the Fifth Doctor's wife!
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