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Originally Posted by tonester
Sorry, but I'm sick and tired of these mis-conceptions. That make this great country look bad in the eyes of the world.

I can almost gaurantee that your "friend" is a stereoype (that I see very often), they usually:
Spend theire entire contract in their compound.
They are afraid of anyone that has a dark skin.
They think everyone is going to rob them.
They have leave their air-cnditioners running 24x7
They drive at 200km/hr evrywhere with an armed gaurd in tow.
Walk around looking at the ground.
Don't integrate with PNG Nationals.
Tell everyone they know, "how bad PNG is".
I also notice that you are looking at Wewak. I can safely say that Wewak will be a much safer, quieter and boring place than Moresby.

All you need to do is:
Take some time to talk to your House Meri or the gaurds at your compound. You will soon realise they are human too. Be friends with them, take them shopping, drop them home if the buses are not working, pay for their bus fares, give them meals(it wont cost you much, but it means the world to people whom live in a society that has no "social system")
Make as many friends with nationsals that you can. They are much nicer than most of the ex-pats

If you don't become a sterotype and take Shazza's & my advice, you will
make the most loyal and best friends you could ever make.
see what PNG is really like
have thest 3-4 years of your life
give your children a very valuable experience.
never go home.
Just my 2 toea worth

Beautifully said Tonestar.....
Either that or whiteangels friend does not want to share their fortune with a
but of coz
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