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Gras is Greener

I must agree with Maus gras.

A lot of the post have drawn on the experience of asia and other nations where prostitution is organised and is a revenue earner for criminal gangs along with extortion, illegal migration, child labour, sweat shops, drug trafficing etc ...

The PNG situation is different as Maus Gras has pointed out it is by and large a 'cottage industry'.

With out regulation sexually transmitted disease will increase especially HIV with devastating consequences to the families of the victims, the community and the nation.

Furthermore how do you protect these vulnerable people from being exploited by clients, bashed, abused or murdered.

There are many issues involved here which have been brought up earlier and which I will not repeat.

Legislation needs to be in place especially to regulate the industry as it will allow access to health and education for this high risk group of individuals including their customers.

One need only look at the papers to see that the HIV epidemic is gathering momentum. This is one avenue through which we can make a difference if only the government can act sensibly now.
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