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Terrance D(i)cks has passed away.

Born on April 14 1935, D(i)cks is a legend to Doctor Who fans with his long standing contribution to Doctor Who which included a stint as script editor between 1969 and 1974.

D(i)cks first came on Doctor Who in 1968 as assistant script editor before elevated to script editor the following year.

In his early tenure as script editor he extensively re-written The Seeds of Death uncredited before getting his writing credit for the programme when he co-wrote with Malcolm Hulke the ten-part Patrick Troughton swansong The War Games.

D(i)cks then continued as script editor for the entirety of the Jon Pertwee era before stepping down at the same time with producer Barry Letts.

Afterwards he wrote the Tom Baker debut story Robot.

He wrote further Tom Baker stories with Horror of Fang Rock & State of Decay.

Also for Tom Baker he wrote but not credited under his name The Brain of Morbius as he wasn't happy doing rewrites requested by him from his successor as script editor Robert Holmes.

D(i)cks requested that the story be credited "under some bland pseudonym" and hence the pseudonym Robin Bland was used.

D(i)cks later said in an interview that when he did the eventual Brain of Morbius novelisation he had no temptation to write it the way he originally wanted to and wrote it the way the viewer remembered it on TV.

After the Tom Baker era he wrote his final story for the programme with the 20th anniversary story The Five Doctors but this did not mark the end of his Doctor Who writings.

Long before The Five Doctors became his Doctor Who TV swansong, thingys had written for Doctor Who outside of the TV series.

It started when he wrote his first book (with Hulke) The Making of Doctor Who, a non-fiction book that look at the production of Doctor Who.

With non-TV Doctor Who fiction he wrote the stage plays Doctor Who and the Daleks in the Seven Keys to Doomsday and Doctor Who - The Ultimate Adventure, both of which were later adapted on audio by Big Finish Productions.

For his Doctor Who work outside the production of the TV series he was well known for writing 70% of the Doctor Who novelisations by Target Books.

His work on the Doctor Who novelisations saw him become a writer of children's fiction and earn him the nickname of Uncle Terrance.

In the 1990s and the 2000s he wrote original Doctor Who and related novels, three for the Seventh Doctor and then one for Bernice Summerfield's solo adventures for The New Adventures from Virgin Publishing and then the Eighth Doctor Adventures and Past Doctor Adventures for BBC Books.

While D(i)cks was not involved with the TV production of NuWho, he did however wrote two tie-in books both featuring the Tenth Doctor and Martha.

Still within the realm of NuWho, he wrote the novelisation of the first Sarah Jane Adventures episode Invasion of the Bane.

As well as Big Finish adapting his two stage plays, D(i)cks also wrote original stories for them with Comeback, the first episode of the Sarah Jane Smith series and Beyond the Ultimate Adventure, the sequel to The Ultimate Adventure as well as a Bernice Summerfield short story A Mutual Friend.

D(i)cks' last piece of Doctor Who fiction Save Yourself, a short story in Doctor Who: The Target Storybook will be published posthumously by BBC Books in October 2019.

Outside of the Whoniverse, his work included The Avengers, Moonbase 3 (which he co-created with Letts concurrent to working on Doctor Who), Space: 1999, The Hound of the Baskervilles starring Fourth Doctor actor Tom Baker as Sherlock Holmes and produced by Letts & The Invisible Man produced by Letts.

With The Avengers he wrote four episodes all co-written with Hulke, the first of which The Mauritius Penny, he would later reused ideas from this episode in Doctor Who in Robot.

He died on August 29 2019 at the age of 84.
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