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The War Master: Only the Good: The Good Master:
Second episode of Only the Good.
Written by Janine H. Jones.
Featuring Jonny Green as Cole Jarnish.
Only the Good including The Good Master was released in December 2017, months after the release of the two sets of Torchwood: Aliens Among Us in which Green played Tyler Steele.
Green as Cole in The Good Master ends up becoming a companion of the Master.
No doubt Big Finish was being humourous in having Green both associated with Torchwood and as a companion of the Master.
Writer Jones had earlier written for Aliens Among Us with the episode Zero Hour which had Green dominate the episode as Tyler.
The Good Master also features Jacob Dudman as Arcking 12 Computer.
Subseqent to this Dudman performed Doctors for Big Finish.
In The Good Master, the Master uses the alias Dr Keller and he prevlously used the name Keller in The Mind of Evil.
Intriguing start to The Good Master with the Daleks attacking a ship with Cole on it.
Also very intriguing was when the Heart turned up and revealed the person the Master is.
The Daleks came to Arcking to look for the Master which resulted in people being killed by them.
Phila asked the Master if people would not have been killed if he did not come to Arcking.
It is the same question that Joan asked the Doctor in The Family of Blood where people got killed by the Family in their search of the Doctor.

The Good Master is very good including the Heart being very spooky.
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