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Thanks Mona

Hi Mona, thanks for your reply. Well, my real name is Steven Marama. Dad's from Igonamu Village (Dorobisoro) and mum's from Osabewai Village (Goldie). Iam currently studying at the Uni of Qld. in Brisbane, Australia and having come across this site for some of my UQPNG student Association logo designs came across this page which mentions Sogeri and Kailaki. To my awe, I read through and couldn't believe what I was reading after almost three years here in Brisbane without reading any article mentioning something as such. Anyway, Iam a nephew of Iahuia Mairi (medical officer)- the one married to......I think its Mirriam....(correct me if I'm wrong with her name).... the former... I think....Doe councillor's daughter. Jonathan Orehe is also related to my dad.

The email address I supplied is my student email and as I mentioned earlier, you are most welcomed to email me for I would be glad to receive from someone from the Koiari tribe. Make sure no one else knows my email address.


Hi there,

My nick-name is Donphy. I am from the most inland of the Owen Stanley Ranges bordering the Central Province and Oro and part Sogeri.

Iam just enjoying the pleasure of been a member of this site as a PNG studying abroad. I look forward to share with you informative articles that constitute the experiences of a diverse range of guests in this particular site. What an experience to share?!!!!!!!!


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