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Lightbulb Ha!!!!

Ahhhhh those were the days!!!. Yes thats her Simone, I found some photos in dads garage a coupla weeks ago, and there is one in the lot of Simone leading me around, in the fancy dress, yes as a DRUNK!!!!!! god whod have thought my predictions would have been spot on!!!!! hee hee

No I dont know where Joanne is nowa days, last i saw of her was in Darwin.

Hey remember ""BIG TITS" Jo the one that always had her dogs at the showgrounds, i remember she tried to run over my sisters dog Murdoch, great dane x shepard....well they got into it.

Maxine remember her she was a cool lady, i often think of her, she lives in Cairns, and her daughter Lilly, (deaf) is a chef in Cairns too, they were lovely people, Maxine was my mentor.

Take care

Pauline xx
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