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too late for good things.

I don't really know anything about the government issues in png, but all i do know is all the politicians there are either corrupt or just not fit enough to run the country. Not being racist or anything but maybe if png allowed australia to take care of them in the begginning our country would not be in such poverty or have a high percentage of hiv or even be working as slaves. no matter whether you have a degree in science, law, computering etc what good does it do if you earn less that K2 an hour and working your arse off when politicians run around in fancy cars or live in big flash houses while everyone else suffers. So with the prime minister thing i reckon they should let a white man with no racial issues run the country or surrender to australia....that's if aust would ever want png now with all its destructions. HOWEVER i know this would never be for another hundred years or more.....HOW SAD

Originally Posted by Cool_Guy1
What is your opinion on this? Somare has been on the road campaigning hard to get back into parliament and lead NA back to government, with him still taking charge.

Lacks credibility on his side isnt it. He publicly declared that 2002 was his final year of campaign for the ESP regional seat. He promised to retire.

How ironic, he is now promises to lead NA into 2007 elections and return as the Prime Minister.

In his old age, power must be becoming sweeter than what he expected.. hehehehe.. PNG, land of the unexpected where the politicians behaviour is contrary to what comes out of the mouth.
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