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PM cited

na yupla ridim displa nius blong Pos Koria pinis o nogat:

PM cited

Post Courier Tuesday 24th Jan 2007

Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, as an individual, could have ordered the clandestine escape of Julian Moti, says John Kawi, senior counsel assisting the Defence Board of Inquiry.
Mr Kawi said the board in its report on the findings would infer Sir Michael, as an individual, could have ordered the clandestine operation which spirited Julian Moti using a PNGDF CASA aircraft on October 10 last year.
“Secretary to the National Executive Council, Winnie Kiap said the NEC did not give any orders for the operation,’’ Mr Kawi said.
“The board will accept that and infer that the orders could have been an individual decision by the Prime Minister,” he said. The senior counsel said the inquiry would stand by the Prime Minister’s statement that he did not issue any written or verbal orders to his subordinates for the operation and will not summons Grand Chief to present himself to the inquiry. But the inquiry sees that those who gave evidence have lied, told half truths, cover-ups and made contradictory statements.
“A mystery of lies, half truths, cover-ups and contradictory statements have been given to the inquiry by senior military personnel and civilians into the clandestine operation,” Mr Kawi said.
Evidence given before the defence board of inquiry by both military personnel and civilians into the secret operation which spirited Julian Moti to the Solomon Islands indicates the orders for the operation came from the top. National Security Chief Joseph Assaigo, while giving evidence, said he got the orders from the Prime Minister’s chief of staff Leonard Louma to carry out the secret operation, and also revealed he was under enormous political pressure.
However, Mr Louma said he never met or spoke to Mr Assaigo concerning the secret operation. Then acting commander of the PNGDF Captain Tom Ur told the inquiry that after getting the orders from Mr Assaigo told him if the Prime Minister was aware of the operation where Mr Assaigo said yes. Captain Ur also told the inquiry that when he informed Sir Michael of the operation after it was conducted, the PM said to leave everything to him (PM) as it was all political. “The board has been told lies, half truths, and contradictions but we are almost done and finalising our report,” Mr Kawi said. Mr Kawi said although the board was almost done with the inquiry, it was recalling several people who may need to clarify some statements or evidence.
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