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Originally Posted by mangitbay
Somare or any other politicians future is in the hands of the people. The very people they represent in the Parliment. You and I will not raise enough money to take these people to face the law.

I am dead against killing. What you have suggested does not solve the issue. It will turn the country into a tribal warfare. Kill Somare and the Sepiks will take to the street. Kill an Engan and they will take to the street.

If these people were elected to the office by the people, they have to be remove from the office by the people through the voting process. Or better still, they have to be man enough to gracefully step down from the public office and public life.
My Reply
Em tu mi tok pinis : "Who is there to help the ordinary people who in their ignorance will continue to exchange their vote for the lamb flaps feast they cannot afford? no one, because all our leaders including Somare are too busy trying to get rich"

The PNGean idea of voting
The majority of PNGeans have no concept of how their votes and members relate to the greater good of PNG and the larger notion of "Nationhood" as it were. I appreciate your good and noble principle of being against killing. Yet either we continue the current trends and face a tragic or catastrophic end of PNG at enormous social and human expense and carnage or while there is still hope we must put an end to the corrupt politicians in power now. Kill the corrupt and put fear into those who are thinking about being corrupt. Or we can wait for the carnage.

Managing our country
Our leaders should be managing the country as directors of a company. Ensuring the company's goals are achieved through prudent corporate planning that comprises good people management, good resources management, good client services management and reinvestment programs. Centered around an aria of high corporate governance best practice standards. Look at PNG MPs and their appointees who lead public organizations and corporate bodies. Instead of reinvesting in people resources and client services our company (PNG Parliament) is reinvesting in its own board of directors or if not they are putting their dirty fingers into the company's profits. One day these profits will stop flowing into the company's coffers then what?

The PNG MP's Collective View
If you remember well only two months back one of the government members, a frontbench cockroach called Nick Kuman neatly summarized their collective view of invincibility by stating that "There is no one above MPs except God". This caused flurry of comments and statements in our two dailies (and as usual has quickly dissipated into nothingness).

Failing socio-economic Indicators
Anyway you guys get the idea of what Im saying. Lets not wait too long for forced change. Our nation is already a failed state only the leaders do not seem to see that. Our country is also now cassified by the UN as one of the thirty poorest countries and our leaders argue against it. You only have to examine our socio-economic indicators (out of the 21 commonly used outcomebased socio-econimic indicators , 12 are health indicators and about 5 are education related) to appreciate PNGs level of poverty and development. And you only have to go to the nearest school or health centre to see this.

Anyway over to you gentlemen, time to take out the corrupt 1 x 1.

Life is precious. Preserve life - Wear Condoms.
HIV doesn't give a damn about religion, race, position or politics !.

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