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Originally Posted by xtc
COURT!, Na mi toktok pinis ya.... "We cannot institute legislation to hang or execute corrupt politicians (like China) because these cockroaches make the laws and will do all they can to avoid these types of laws".

And anyway who has the recources to take a major class action suit against the likes of these people. Unless you and I away from PNG can raise funds...........

Somare or any other politicians future is in the hands of the people. The very people they represent in the Parliment. You and I will not raise enough money to take these people to face the law.

I am dead against killing. What you have suggested does not solve the issue. It will turn the country into a tribal warfare. Kill Somare and the Sepiks will take to the street. Kill an Engan and they will take to the street.

If these people were elected to the office by the people, they have to be remove from the office by the people through the voting process. Or better still, they have to be man enough to gracefully step down from the public office and public life.
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