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Somare Is Corrupt

Where the hell is this Michael Somaare bloke trying to take us. He led millions of people in the Eastern part of the island New Guinea (PNG) to Independence not because we were ready (hardly at that time) but simply because some white bloke kicked him out of the Papua Club.

Now he's filthy rich and the rest of those millions are still languishing in abject poverty.

He is the epitomy of PNG corruption (think about the pelair inquiry, the family's corrupt timber deals, did they collect money from a multimillion taiwan - satellite deals for PTC that no one seems to remember, the jailed Nahau Rooney interference by Somare in the course of justice, the Somare house that they hijacked from Pangu Pati, did he and his cronies collect from the Moti escapade...... and much much more). We must be mad to think he can take us anywhere at all (and guess who were mad enough to appoint him PM in parliament).

For people like somare and the corrupt politicians like him we honestly should begin considering assassinations. We cannot institute legislation to hang or execute corrupt politicians (like China) because these cockroaches make the laws and will do all they can to avoid these types of laws.

Imagine that a small bottle of vaccine to save 10 children's lives from pneumonia will probably cost 100 kina. When Somare and his cronies misappropriate a million kina or increase their salaries and perks by a million they are guilty beyond reasonable doubt of indirectly killing 100,000 children or putting their lives at risk of illness and death. Why jail a street boy who steals 10 kina when the real criminals are the likes of somare.

Who is there to help the ordinary people who in their ignorance will continue to exchange their vote for the lamb flaps feast they cannot afford? no one, because all our leaders including Somare are too busy trying to get rich. Thus I say again that the time is nigh to begin assassination of politicians such as these.

Moses led the people into the wilderness from Egypt for 40 years but looked after them well, gave them good laws before ending up in the promised land. Somare led us out of Australia but took care of himself his family and his cronies, gave us laws that somare can use to pervert the course of justice and there is no promised land in sight
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