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Time to move on, Chief

The Prime Minister is suppose to be the chief servant for us all. Someone that "serves" his people and not someone that makes money off his people. In my view, the office of the Prime Minister is a "tribal" office; a place where wantok comes first rather than the country itself.

For the Chief, will I remember him as the Father of the Nation, or someone that is only concern about his survival and that of his immediate clansmen (on a political scene). I would perfer to remember him as the Father of the Nation other than something else.

It's really up to the people of East Sepik Province. If they want their tribal chief to return, they will vote for him. Those in the province that do not want him return have to turn up and cast their votes. Failure to do so will lead to the Chief returning for another term at Waigani. It's a waste of time talking about Chief's return as he is at the mercy of his tribesmen and the people of East Sepik Province.
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