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baylee 06-07-2009 04:47 PM

Girl/woman living in PNG
I have read a few of the threads about wives going to live in PNG, asking how safe it is etc. My partner has been offered a job their and I am trying to decide whether I should go along. He lived there when he was younger with his father and his two sisters, and growing up with them I always heard how it was a paradise but very dangerous. I am 22, and at the moment living in South Korea teaching ESL. I just wanted to know a few things;
how dangerous would it be more dangerous for a younger woman in PNG?
are their any other yonger women for me to make friends with, or are most of the expat women prehaps a tad older than me (no offence... im not quite sure how to word it graciously. :()
would i be bored and go insane? or would i be able to work or do something with my life? i wouldnt mind getting a job, and have a degree and experience in office work (legal secretary) as well as teaching english. I think i would go mad if i didn't have something to do during the day, and dont want to be waiting around drinking several bottles of wine waiting for my man to come home...

Thats about it,
also originaly born in New Zealand, so not use to spiders/snakes/any other animal that is dangerous...

Thanks :beer:

pluvi 08-09-2009 12:55 PM

Hi Baylee,

You are most welcome to come and see for yourself, Life is to enjoy and as you join clubs at the yacht club you'll meet people and get to know the place. PNGS are friendly people! ta

RobHay 02-07-2010 02:22 PM

It is not better and no worse than anywhere else in the world.......There are places in Brisbane and in most cities here in Australia that I would warn you from entering as they can be dangerous.

The trouble is that the Media seems to just love beating up any incident in PNG as being far worse than what it is. I used to go down to a small Island just of the coast about 80 or so kilometres from Lae, I would not see my 3 young children for 2-3 days as the locals, particularly the older meri's would snavel them as soon as we landed and treat them like royality.(which tended to cause problems once we got them back home) I was never once worried that anything would happen to them.

Be sensible about what you do, wear and where you go....same advice for anywhere else in the world.

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