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aussie 01-05-2003 10:52 PM

Millenium Guards and Security Services Limited
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Millenium Guards and Security Services Limited is a wholly nationally owned Company that was recently formed to provide professional security service administration and operations in Papua New Guinea.

The Company is managed by highly qualified and professional people consisting of the General Manager, the Operations Manager, and the Administration Manager. They are well assisted by former policemen, soldiers and very professional security officers who form the core of the company’s operations.

Business Card :

aussie 01-05-2003 10:56 PM

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The foremost goal of the company is to provide a safe environment conducive to the development of industries, businesses and government services throughout the country. In order to achieve this goal, we try to provide a service that is of a higher quality, very reliable and very effective.

The company also maintains a very high standard of professionalism and the motto of the company spells it all out: “Serving You Professionally.” Although the company has been formed this year, we believe our services are amongst the best available in the country.

aussie 01-05-2003 10:58 PM

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Currently, Millenium Guards and Security Services provides the following services: Static Guards; Debt Collections; VIP Protection; Cash Protection; Chauffeur Services; and any other services tailored to our client’s needs and requests. Our office is located at Pasuwe Haus, Section 54, Allotment 1, Varahe Road, Gordons Industrial Area in the National Capital District.

Kenneth Maraga Humeu on patrol in the Talair Village with one of their security guards :

aussie 01-05-2003 11:03 PM

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For further information, please, contact:

Kenneth Maraga Humeu or Kwalu Lagani
Millenium Guards and Security Services Limited
P O Box 1213
National Capital District

Telephone: 325 6333 or 323 4688
Facsimile: 323 0052
EFax: 44 870 132 2598


Photograph : Kwalu Lagani - taken on top of one of the hills in the Talair Compound in Gordon's :

aussie 01-05-2003 11:09 PM

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Raasch Place = Security Guards currently working in the Talair Compound - Gordon's :

aussie 01-05-2003 11:12 PM

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Millenium Security Guards are the security company for the Talair Compound in Gordons :

If you would like a reference for this firm, please contact :

aussie 01-05-2003 11:14 PM

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Kenneth at the Depot with a group of their security guards :

aussie 01-05-2003 11:16 PM

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Group Photograph in the grounds of the Talair Compound, Gordon's :

aussie 01-05-2003 11:17 PM

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Kenneth in the guard house at the entrance to the Talair Compound, Gordon's :

aussie 01-05-2003 11:44 PM

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24 Hour Security on the front gate at the Talair Compound :

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