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aussie 18-09-2002 10:17 PM

Ice Fashion Awards
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The phenomenal success of the Ice Fashion Awards last Saturday night was the result of the primary belief by SP Brewery that a stylish, sophisticated, world class event can take place in PNG.

"The creative inspiration and the passion to pursue those talents by PNG designers were on displayon Saturday night. It was truly soul stirring, to realise the untapped talent Papua New Guineans have.

A moment of reflective optimism in a country desperate for good news.

aussie 18-09-2002 10:36 PM

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"Many of the designers had never designed clothes before. The Ice Fashion Awards provided the opportunity and the platform for those designers to achieve their ambitions.

The emotional and commercial rewards from the Ice Fashion Awards to all involved are far reaching.

The models, which were trained by SP Brewery gained tremendous confidence and self-esteem through this sponsorship event. Their perfection and grace received many compliments. Non so poignant that that by Ward Benedict that rated them above models in Australia.

Many enquiries by potential customers to buy the garments featured will see financial benefits passed on to designners. A win - win for everyone.

Ice Fashion Awards Host Alicia Smith

aussie 18-09-2002 10:46 PM

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SP Brewery was extremely proud and thrilled with the outcome of the Ice Fashion Awards presentation night. It proved athat a glittering, trulyInternational event could be staged in PNG with local talent. All things are possible in PNG with conviction and effort is the fundamental doctrine within people at SP Brewery, said their Marketing Manager Sen Ekanayake.

Ice Fashion Awards Winners and Categories

  • Best Theme Presentation - Esther Nombri - K2,000
  • Best Technical Design - Selina Wollom - K2,000
  • Best Theme Presentation - Shane Wong - K2,000
  • Best Technical Design - Shane Wong - K2,000
  • Best Theme Presentation - Tanya Berenyl - K2,000
  • Best Technical Design - Shane Wong - K2,000
  • Uwato Ema -K2,000
  • Tanya Berenyl - K5,000


aussie 18-09-2002 10:52 PM

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Photo Highlights of the Ice Fashion Awards :

aussie 18-09-2002 10:55 PM

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Audience Favourite

aussie 18-09-2002 11:00 PM

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Winner: Shane Wong
Model: Jesley Roberts

Using Fuschia shot with orange for the pants and jacket professional designer Shane Wong has teamed this outfit with a deep wine coloured blouse.

aussie 19-09-2002 01:33 PM

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Successful Evening - Sen Ekanayake - Marketing Manager:

aussie 19-09-2002 01:35 PM

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A time to celebrate:

Left to Right

Hein Van Dort - General Manager

Sen Ekanayake - Marketing Manager

Stan Joyce - Commercial Manager

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