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heidi 20-07-2009 12:00 PM

Moving to PNG with our 2yr old
Hi there,

I'm wondering if someone can help answer some questions I have about moving to png with a 2yr old.

I have been reading this forum with great interest since I found out we may be moving to png. My husband's company is thinking of doing some work over there, and is considering sending my husband, myself and our 2yr old daughter over. We will be over there for at least 2yrs.

This forum has been great in answering lots of questions, but I had a few more.

* I know finding accommodation is hard, but can anyone suggest some good quality long term accommodation (in around pom) which has some good playgrounds handy for small children? Best accom for families?

* Can anyone tell me more about the expat mothers group I saw mentioned on this forum (i'm sorry i've forgotten the name)?

* What sort of anti-malaria medication can kids take? I know this question is really one for my doctor, i'm just keen to find out from others experiences.

* How do you find the local medical services? What i'm really asking is if you suspect your child needs medical attention, do you jump on the next flight out or is the local medical treatment good (I saw some info on the pacific private hospital - anyone have any feedback on that?) My daughter has already spent some time in hospital and I know how important it is to have confidence in the health care... How expensive is trwatment at the pacific private hospital? Does anyone know if our existing medical cover would cover us for this?

* How about interacting with other expats and local families? I don't want to lock myself away. I would be keen to learn about the local culture while we were there. I know this may come across as a completely ignorant question. The melting pot of different cultures sounds like a great environment for my daughter to experience at such a young age. And of course, having some other Aussies around would lessen my chances of being homesick.

* Is there anything else I should know about bringing my 2yr old daughter to png? Activities? Dangers?

My husband was recently over there for a quick trip but really didn't get much opportunity to look into this. This forum has been really really great, thanks so much to the administrators.


heidi 22-07-2009 07:17 PM

Hi Tony,

Thanks so much for your reply. And I like the sound of the standard company rule! All the rest makes sense, can't wait to check it all out.



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