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Cowpe 10-10-2004 12:44 PM

Nimiegen Village
Can anyone inform me where Nimiegen Village is? Or even simply what Province this village is in.


pitravel 12-04-2005 11:23 AM

The village you are enqiring, please give us a few back ground of the village,
any special significant events of it and further details so we can be able to
locate it.

Please email:

Lucas Kawasaki

Cowpe 16-04-2005 01:15 PM

Thanks, but I've found the villages location. Its in East Sepik Prov.

djoe0635 02-11-2016 10:51 PM

On the most reasonable factors traveling has to be helpful in every way and for the most understanding outcome that we get to have it helps us and has the right uses for the majority of concept that keeps on building the right direction.

rivemerr 16-06-2017 06:20 AM

Nimiegen Village is in East Sepik Province and It's really a very beautiful place to travel around. Right now, I am planning to go paris to venis but very soon I will plan a trip to Nimiegen Village too. If you go there before me please share your travel experience and pictures.


mokbec 20-08-2017 08:11 AM

Hmm... that is really interesting

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