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Aswan 09-07-2017 01:05 PM

Can anyone explain cause of Bmobile 3G issues?
I am a Bmobile-Vodafone user in Papua New Guinea and am quite displeased with this service providerís inability to correct its 3G network issues which is happening right now (09 July 2017) and has been since Thursday afternoon (06 July 2017). I have not received a straight answer from customer service hence if there are other frustrated users of Bmobile out there then your thoughts will be appreciated.

My iPhone has the 3G supporting specification but every now and then it does not work. So I have to resort to the EDGE network which is frustratingly slower. The other frustrating thing is that Bmobile-Vodafone does not provide updates via its website to explain the cause of these sporadic 3G issues! I remember after Christmas 2016 right through to the new year (2017) the 3G network just did not work. I had to buy a Digicel SIM card so as to access Internet banking to wire money offshore.
I see Bmobile-Vodafone in Papua New Guinea promoting itself but not fully disclosing it's 3G issues! I really don't want to discard my SIM card!

frombrrta 21-11-2017 12:30 AM

Hmm... sorry but i do not have any idea about that

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