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DebbieLeigh 04-02-2008 12:23 AM

Highland produce

Originally Posted by wendyemc
Thanks for the info, Ron. I had a private message re the IPI building from Hawk, who was manager of the Hotel Cecil in the late 60's, then worked for Ansett during the 70's, who were the main tenants of the building, apparently. Using his information re the coffee shop, I went back to Scott Martin's tourist booklet posted elsewhere on these pages, and was able to work out that it was called the Terrace Coffee Shop and that the IPI building was in 1st Street (probably where it ran into the commercial section of Second Street.)

Interesting to know that your dad was one of the builders. Can you tell me exactly when it was built? And can you answer any of my other questions, such as who owned the Salad Bowl and Highland Products stores on the opposite side of 4th Street to the Lae Theatre milkbar (near Worrals Chemist) in the 60's, or was that before your time?

Regards, Wendy

Hi Wendy, my dad managed the Huon Theatre for 2 years in the 60's and we lived in the house next to the theatre. If Highland Products was the big shopping center next to that then its what I used to have as my daily view. I should be able to get the information for you but please be patient, I have to get it (thru my step-sister) from my step mother but she will know for sure if her memory is still good.
Regards Debbie (nee Thorpe)

Ronnie 07-03-2008 05:52 PM

My Dad was not a builder, your e-mail must be mixed somewhere.


palmoils 04-05-2009 01:20 PM


Originally Posted by Glenda Clapp (Post 50428)

My name is Glenda Clapp (nee Jones). I was in Lae with my parents Elva and Ken Jones (MBE) from 1955 to 1974. My father was the Manager for the Artifical Limb Factory at the Lae Hospital. I attend the Lae Primary school and Lae High School. I worked for the Dept of Transport before going to work in Bougainville and Port Moresby. We lived in 7th Street - we had many friends, some of which we are still in contact with being the Connells, Smiths, Jacksons, Dobells, Mortons, to name a few.

It is so nice to surf this site and enjoy the memories of our years in PNG - which were wonderful - such a good life with lots of great social life - and strong long lasting friendships were made (I guess because we could not rely on 'rellies').

We originally came from Perth and are still here. I am married (28 years) with one son (21 years). My parents are in reasonable health - Dad 83 and Mun 81 - Dad has been retired since he was 50 years - and they have enjoyed a wonderful and fulfilling retirement making many and varied trips around the place - but now they only do day trips around Perth etc.

My son is at Uni doing Pharmacy and Forensic Science. I am still working - commercial and retail property management - which I still enjoy.

I would love to hear from anyone who knew us - it would be great to have communications.

I will endeavour to retrive old photos from our 'Lae days' and will place them on the site for others to enjoy.

Take care

Hi Glenda, My name is Barbara kelly was Jack and May taylors Daughter. I married Tom Kelly`s youngest brother Lawrence Kelly qwe remember you Dad well. My dad worked up at the hospital. Your Dad would probably remember the names. I remember yours perhaps you were at school with one of mine / Regards

Shay 12-05-2009 05:16 AM

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for sharing those photographs. I can only imagine what Lae is like now; those photos show how much it had changed even while I was there during the 1990's. It is almost like a different world, if only it could return to that!

wendyemc 12-05-2009 01:41 PM

Hi wantoks, Wendy Phillips here (ex-Lae resident 1954-67).

For those who remember the magic of the 2006 Lae-Markham reunion, and for all those who missed out last time, we are holding another Lae-Markham reunion on 4 October 2009 - see details below. This was a sudden decision - people had been asking when were we going to have another one, but I was undergoing treatment for cancer from October to April and wasn't sure I felt up to hosting another reunion. Then, in late March, while waiting for my daily radiation treatment at the Mater in Brisbane, I ran into Mr Bricknell, the headmaster of Coronation Primary in the early 60's, and a couple of days later, Jim and Anna Seeto. My enthusiam was suddenly rekindled, and I sent out the first emails to my contact list on 2nd April. We have 324 people on our "expressions of interest" list as at 23 Jul 2009, with only room for 400, so get in quick - I'd hate to see anyone miss out again. Meanwhile, check out the links below to the 2006 reunion guest list, souvenir booklet, and Facebook photo albums, where many of the guests have been "tagged".


Where: Broncos Leagues Club, Fulcher Road, Red Hill, Brisbane Qld, Ph: (07) 3858 9000, in the Auditorium. The venue is wheelchair-friendly, and there is plenty of parking on Sundays, in club grounds, on the street outside and in the next-door TAFE College car park.

When: Sunday 4th October 2009 from 11 am to 6 pm BY INVITATION ONLY, final RSVP date now 25 August 2009.
Contact Wendy Clarke (nee Phillips) for your invitation.
Phone: (07) 3299 1290 (prefix 617 for overseas guests)
Mobile: 0412 950 808

Who: Anyone who lived in Lae/Markham Valley at any time prior to Independence 1975 (doesn’t matter if you stayed on after, or are still there, just as long as you arrived before), plus their significant other, whether PNG or not, and/or any adult children either PNG-born or with an interest in PNG. Also, anyone who had close ties to Lae/Markham prior to Independence, with friends there whom they visited often, and any post-Independence Lae friends of existing guests up to 1985. The aim of this reunion is about connecting with people we knew way back when, so that almost everyone there will be someone you knew or whose family you knew. There will still be plenty of those "Oh my God!" moments so many of you experienced in 2006 - we have tracked down a lot more old friends/classmates since then - and this will be your last chance to be part of the magic, wantoks - I will be hosting no more Lae-Markham reunions after this one.

Admission Cost: $35 per person, covers auditorium hire, name badges etc., decorations, lucky dip prizes, old Lae/PNG photo slideshow, reunion souvenir booklet as per 2006, finger food only, though a much more substantial menu than in 2006 (pre-lunch nibbles, lunch and afternoon tea). Drinks not included in admission price, to be purchased individually at club bar prices. See contact details above for your invitation.

wendyemc 23-07-2009 01:05 PM


Originally Posted by Ronnie (Post 73306)
My Dad was not a builder, your e-mail must be mixed somewhere.


The Ron my message was addressed to was RonM (Ron Mientjes)

D cook 04-06-2010 06:40 PM

Hi I was Bar Manager at the hotel Cecil in 1966 1967 Toby Perkins ran the show in those days, and I wondering if any body out there remembers the hovercraft that we built at lae that nearly took off a peter Webb's foot when a blade broke off. they were rough and ready days then. But Lae will all ways be, to me, a beautifull place.
Regards Don Cook. or Skype Bumbles26

phenss 02-03-2014 02:52 PM


Originally Posted by drgreg (Post 44956)
i was thinking exactly the same thing...

i lived in lae 10 years ago and nothing seems to change - 1905, 1965, 1995, 2005 - all the same

anyone have any photos of the 3-mile agriculture offices. i used to work there. i loved the trees overhanging the road there.

I was up there in Feb 2014 about to load some photos into Wikipedia.

Ronnie 26-07-2014 06:30 PM

Awlsome photos.

LizM 06-12-2014 12:48 AM

Hi Wendy. Doubt if you remember me as I was away at school a lot but my father was headmaster of the A school. Martin Munro

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