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aussie 02-02-2002 05:52 PM

Goroka, EHP
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Goroka is situated in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea and has a wonderful climate. Warm days and cooler nights.

Goroka, a small outpost station in the 1950's has developed into an attractive, well organised town with modern facilities and relaxed atmosphere. It is a major Highlands commercial centre and is at an altitude of 1600 metres.

Today Goroka has become known for its annual show, held every August. It is a marvellous opportunity to gain an overview of PNG cultural diversity. The shows were first held in the 50's as a means of gathering together the different tribes and clans. At times there could be more than 40,000 painted warriors dancing to the beat of the Kundu drums.

Goroka and the Asaro Valley

aussie 02-02-2002 05:57 PM

Grass Hut - Goroka
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Typical of scenery in Goroka.

aussie 02-02-2002 07:25 PM

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Picking Coffee Beans

aussie 02-02-2002 07:56 PM

Goroka Show
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Benabena Dancers at the Goroka Show

aussie 02-02-2002 08:00 PM

Mudmen - Goroka Show
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"Mudmen" performing at the Goroka Showgrounds.

Asaro mud men can be found approx. 30 minutes drive outside of Goroka.

If visiting Goroka, the mud men show is one not to be missed.

aussie 03-02-2002 02:38 AM

Anyone for Coffee ?
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Goroka Coffee - dont leave PNG without some !

aussie 03-02-2002 04:15 PM

Goroka Market
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Goroka is renowned for growing beautiful fresh vegetables. If staying in Goroka, include a visit to the market.

aussie 03-02-2002 04:17 PM

Bird of Paradise Hotel
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If you are thinking of somewhere to stay and money is no object, why not book into the 'Bird of Paradise' Hotel:

aussie 03-02-2002 04:21 PM

Travel Information
Eastern highlands Investment and Tourism Promotion Authority contact numbers:

Telephone: (+675) 732 3366
Fax: (+675) 732 3365

or write to:

P.O. Box 984,

There are a number of shows held throughout the year, including the Goroka Show which is held in September.

aussie 03-02-2002 04:23 PM

Pacific Helicopters
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Home of Pacific Helicopters who have their head office based in Goroka:

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