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aussie 15-04-2003 12:09 AM

Madang Dive Sites - Various Locations
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Magic Passage : Location: Between Krangket & Lepa Islands, Madang Habour; Access: 10 minutes by boat from Madang Resort Hotel
Conditions: Usually calm. Requires incoming current for best visibility and action.; Typical Visibility: 30m (100ft); Minimum Depth: 5m (16ft);
Maximum Depth: 40m (130ft) plus. Descend into the current down the side of the passage, past excellent growths of hard and soft coral. The passage’s bottom, at about 35m (115ft), has a couple of coral bommies covered with superb white sea fans, black coral sea whips and colourful soft corals. Surrounded by shy garden eels, groups of painted Sweetlips sit facing the incoming tide. From the middle of the passage you can see both walls, with stands of Green Coral Tree and giant barrel sponges. Schools of Barracuda and Trevally have been seen in this area including sharks and purple stone fish.

Please CLICK HERE for various locations in the Madang Province for great diving :

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