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aussie 09-04-2003 08:33 AM

Port Moresby Game Fishing Club -
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28th GFAPNG NATIONAL TITLES 2003 - Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea - 12-20 April 2003 -

The 2003 PNG National Game Fishing Titles are to be held in Port Moresby. This is a prestigious event. The Port Moresby Game Fishing Club has the honor of hosting the Titles, from 12th April to 20th April 2003.

The National Titles has evolved into a unique tournament in the South Pacific game fishing calendar. Teams from Port Moresby, throughout PNG, Australia, New Zealand and other South Pacific countries will swell angler numbers to an estimated three hundred (300) participants.

Media coverage will be for both domestic and international distribution. EMTV will produce lead up promotional advertising to be run daily in the first three (3) months of 2003. During the Titles EMTV are providing, onboard crews, nightly score updates, flash footage and promotion in their evening Sports Report. (This is an excellent opportunity for sponsors to gain maximum, consistent coverage to their target markets.)

International print media coverage will be through the Pacific's world-class fishing magazine Bluewater. The event will be promoted internationally through Bluewater magazine in issues leading up to the tournament. Their Australian editorial staff will attend for the full period, fishing from their own boat, sourcing stories and participating in all events, both competition and social.

To provide additional information, upcoming events calendar, scores and progress reports, the 2003 National Titles will have its own Website compliments of Global Internet. Major sponsors will be included and featured on this website.

Update 11th April, 2003 :

Tournament Directors Message

Welcome to all anglers, particularly those visiting Port Moresby for the first time, to the 28th GFAPNG National Game Fishing Titles.

To all anglers good luck and I hope the wind gods will stay away and the fish gods will prevail.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank my Titles Committee for the effort they have put in to make this event happen and also the many volunteers who will contribute to make this event happen.

A big thanks to the Royal Papua Yacht Club for backing the Titles with the full support of the staff and the use of the magnificent facility that is the RPYC Club premises. I am sure that you would agree that they are second to none.

I would also like to acknowledge the generous support of our sponsors, as without them we could not stage this prestigious event.

To all I wish you a happy and safe stay here in the capital. I am sure I will catch up with many of you over a beer or two during the Titles.

Ken Webber
Tournament Director
28th GFAPNG National Titles.

Port Moresby gears up for Titles

A quiet hum has descended over the game fishing fraternity in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, as anglers and skippers prepare themselves for the 2003 GFAPNG National Game Fishing Titles.

Tournament Director, Ken Webber, expects 250 anglers to fish over the 10 days of the Tournament.

“With the late arrival of our wet season conditions should hold right through to the end Titles on the 20th of April. Anglers are enjoying a solid run of yellow fin tuna at present with fish to 70kg being landed. Some nice mackerel, mahi mahi and wahoo have also crossed the scales. The Laurabada blows Nor’ West and off-shore in Port Moresby making sea conditions ideal for fishos,” said Webber.

Venue for the Titles is the Royal Papua Yacht Club on the fore shore of Fairfax Harbour adjacent to the City centre. The Port Moresby Game Fishing Club gantry facility is located within the RPYC Marina. The Yacht Club boasts some 1600 members with a marina fleet of over 200 craft of all types. The members of the Port Moresby Game Fishing Club form a large part of the fleet with ‘A’ Finger the fishos hang out.

Sponsorship for the 2003 Tiles has been strong with Shimano, Mobil Oil and PNG internet provider Global Technologies sharing the naming rights to the Tournament. The Tournament Committee reports that all categories on the Trophy list have been filled with sponsors taking a range of gold, silver and bronze packages. With 42 line class, team and boat categories the prize list is impressive.

Local Mazda distributor PNG Motors hosts the Billfish Shootout held on the Wednesday of Tournament week. A straight heaviest fish event, teams via for share of the estimated K25,000.00 cash prize pool. The top weight marlin that defeats the Port Moresby record of 282kg, a black, set by local angler David Bryan, will pick up the winning team a brand new Mazda ute along with the cash. Anglers choosing to release billfish are also rewarded with tagged fish receiving a cash prize.

Along with some solid fishing action promised, the after hours activities have been planned with an evening function each night right through the Tournament. Anglers have been tested to the limit of their endurance both on and off the water by the hospitality that is shown the visitors and guests alike.

The Tournament web site – - has complete details on the 2003 GFAPNG National Game Fishing Titles and progress reports on each days fishing will be posted to the site.

EMTV will be featuring the daily results each evening and live crosses to the Tournament headquarters are planned to keep competitors up-to-date. Heli Niugini will have their Bell helicopter on location in Port Moresby for the duration of the National Titles and they hope to be able to capture some the spectacular footage that only game fishing can provide.

aussie 09-04-2003 08:36 AM

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Opportunity of Company Sponsorship.

The 28th GFAPNG Game Fishing Titles will be hosted in Port Moresby. A tremendous opportunity is available for PNG based companies to promote their business identity, products and services through a tournament that is -

Not only one of the major sporting events in PNG it is also - An event run over an extended period of 9 days of competition.

Participants include managing directors, captains of industry, managers, purchasing officers, supervisors and members of the business community and general public. The opportunities offered for the promotion of corporate identity, products and services by such an event are considerable.

In order to guarantee the success of the tournament, the Port Moresby Game Fishing Club 2003 Titles Committee is seeking support from business houses throughout PNG. Our "National Titles Committee" formally invites businesses & corporations to participate in sponsorship of the event. A structured set of sponsorship packages have been devised to allow sponsors to gain good exposure for their Kina.

Please seriously consider this proposal when drafting your promotional budgets for 2003.

Following on from the successful Lae 2002 National Titles, the Port Moresby Game Fishing Club intends to ensure that the PNGGFA National Titles remain synonymous with good times, friendly competition and renewing acquaintances in a relaxed atmosphere. The titles will be successful, affording sponsors a great opportunity in the promotion of their identity, additionally, it is a unique venue for client entertaining and/or management team building. Attached you will find details of our Sponsorship Packages, the committee and undertaking to sponsors.

For further details please contact Steve Landon on (675) 321 1511 or

aussie 09-04-2003 08:38 AM

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Sponsorship Categories:


Tournament Committee's Commitment to Sponsors

We have every confidence the 2003 National Game Fishing Titles will be a success. Sharing this with our sponsors will gain the ability to introduce and promote their company, its products and/or services. Sponsor's participation will not only benefit their respective businesses but will spotlight the depth of business activity in both Port Moresby and PNG in general.

The Tournament Committee recognises the importance of sponsors and recaps below our commitment to sponsors of the event.
  • Advertising in both TV and print media, before, during and after the event.
  • Acknowledgment on our Website.
  • Advertising space with strategically placed banners and flags at the Marina and Club facility.
  • Acknowledgment on sponsor's advertising signboards.
  • Ability for naming rights of Trophies on Presentation Night.
  • Acknowledgment at Event and Presentation Night.
  • Opportunity to sponsor evening refreshments during the event with company accreditations gaining further company exposure.
  • Access to competitors during the Event.

EMTV Promotion :
  • Inclusion of sponsor's name and logo on all television advertising in the first quarter of 2002 leading up to and during the Titles.
Website Promotion
  • Inclusion of sponsor's name and logo on the official Title's website with additional proposed direct link by click-icon to the sponsor's own website.
Magazine Promotion :
  • Inclusion of one full page, full colour advertisement in the official
    Title's magazine.
Trophy Promotion :
  • Choice of a Premier Trophy Category for Presentation Night with acknowledgments at the Presentation of Trophies.
Static Promotion :
  • Inclusion of Sponsor's Company Details & Logo advertising on Press Releases and Public Display Boards.
Banners/Flags :
  • Display of Sponsors’/Company banners or flags for the duration of the titles.
Evening Promotion :
  • The offer of additional sponsorship of evening refreshments for one night during the tournament. Recognition of same and the display of sponsor's bunting/ display items and catering staff T-Shirts etc. Evening function is at additional cost.

Website Promotion
  • Inclusion of sponsor's name and Logo on the official Title's website.
Magazine Promotion :
  • Inclusion of one half page, full colour advertisement in the official Title's magazine.
Trophy Promotion :
  • Choice of a Major Trophy Category for Presentation Night with acknowledgments at the Presentation of Trophies.
Static Promotion :
  • Inclusion of Company details & Logo Advertising on Press Releases and Public Display Boards.
Banners/Flags :
  • Display of Sponsors’/Company banners or flags for the duration of the titles.
Video :
  • Complimentary 'memories' video of the event.
    The video will be produced by EMTV.

Magazine Promotion :
  • Inclusion of one quarter page, full colour advertisement in the official Title's magazine.
Newspaper Promotion :
  • Inclusion of supplied ‘Advertorial’ copy and photos in Titles newspaper supplement.
Static Promotion :
  • Inclusion of Company details on Press . Releases and on Public Display Boards. Display boards to be located in around the Gantry area at the RPYC.
Video :
  • Complimentary ‘memories’ video of the event. The video to be produced by EMTV.


Tournament Magazine Package "

The tournament magazine will be circulated to all registered anglers, sponsors, PNG Game Fishing Clubs, PNG International Hotels, Air Niugini Lounges and Media Sponsors.

The magazine will produced as a full colour A4 size publication on gloss paper. Expected readership per copy of the Magazine is 10 people. Remember that is for each copy produced.

Back Cover - MOBIL OIL
Inside Covers - Shimano & Consort
Full Page - K3,000.00
Half Page - K1,250.00
Quarter Page - K750.00

Complete material to be supplied for the Magazine. For technical specs contact the Magazine Editor - Ken Webber.

aussie 09-04-2003 08:39 AM

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Major Sponsors :

aussie 09-04-2003 08:40 AM

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Papua New Guinea is known as “the land of the unexpected” with its enormous diversity of cultures, peoples, and landscapes. And to many it is also the land of opportunity. In a country rich with mineral resources, fertile lands and abundant marine life, the potential investment opportunities are numerous.

Approximately 80% of the population live in rural areas and rely on the informal sector for their livelihood. Primary industries including mining and petroleum, agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors make up the core of the formal economy. In 2000 77.3% of total exports were from the mining and petroleum sector, 9.4% from the agricultural sector, 4.9% from forestry, and 7.5% from manufacturing.

Main agricultural exports are coffee, cocoa, palm oil, copra oil, copra, tea and rubber. Other products exported include sugar, canned meat, canned fish, fish meal, fish oil, biscuits, cigarettes, coconut oil based cosmetics, toilet paper, furniture, mattresses, cement, paints, sawn timber, woodchip, veneer and steel products.

There is strong potential for the spice industry to be developed further and growth can already be seen in vanilla production.

PNG’s main trading partners are Australia, Japan, United States and China.


LOCATION: Papua New Guinea is located in the South Pacific between 1 to 2 degrees south latitude and 141 to 157 degrees east longitude. The mainland borders with Indonesia to the West and is separated from the North of Australia by the Coral Sea.

TIME ZONE: GMT plus 10 hours

LAND AREA : The total land area of 462,840 square kilometres is made up of the mainland – the eastern part of the island of New Guinea – and over 600 islands in varying sizes.

CLIMATE: The climate is tropical with two seasons, the wet and the dry, but temperatures differ markedly between the coastal areas and the highlands. Lowland coastal temperatures range from 20°C to 35°C and highlands temperatures range from 10°C to 27°C. Most areas get more than 1500mm rain a year, but some can get as much 5800mm a year.

POPULATION: The overall population is 5.1 million people, with 252,500 in Port Moresby the Capital city. Population density is 11 people per square metre, with over 80% of people living in rural areas. Life expectancy (1998) is 58 years.

LANGUAGE: English, Pidgin and Motu are the main languages spoken in Port Moresby, but there are in fact over 700 different local languages.


CLOTHING: Tropical/Casual (but often more formal than other Pacific countries)

ELECTRICITY: 240 volts. AC/50 cycles.

VISAS: 3 month tourist visas can be obtained on arrival at Jackson’s International Airport.

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL: Air Niugini flies from Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Honiara, Singapore, Manila and Tokyo to Port Moresby. Qantas also flies to Port Moresby.

DOMESTIC TRAVEL: The roads networks are limited in PNG and most travel between centres is done by air or sea. Air Niugini, the national carrier flies to most domestic centres on a regular basis. There are also several smaller domestic airlines which cover the remoter regions and offer helicopter and fixed wing charters.

MONEY: The basic unit of currency is the Kina (K) which is subdivided into 100 toea. The exchange rate is a floating rate. At present the value of the Kina is around AUD $0.40 and USD $0.20 Banking facilities are available in most centres though they are limited in remoter parts. Credit cards may be used at larger hotels and outlets, but most transactions are done in cash. Banks in PNG are Bank of South Pacific, Westpac (PNG), ANZ, and Maybank.


Telecommunication services within PNG are world standard and through IDD the majority of the world’s countries are accessible by telephone. Facsimile, Mobile Telephone and Internet services are available. Through Post PNG a world class postal service is provided and there are a number of international courier companies available.

TOURIST ACTIVITIES: PNG is renowned for its outstanding marine life and has some of the worlds best diving and snorkelling centres. Fishing and sailing are also popular activities. The enormous variety of scenery, from the peaks of the highlands, to sandy coconut lined beaches and smoking volcanoes, provides ample entertainment for sightseers and trekkers alike. Tourists also come to see the unique and multiple cultural heritages in PNG and there are several cultural shows held in different regions throughout the year.

For more information about tourism in PNG, including where to stay and what to do, we recommend visiting the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority website:

aussie 09-04-2003 10:00 PM

Accommodation Available in Port Moresby
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There is a wide range of accommodation available in Port Moresby.

Specials deals for participants.
(All quoted rates are charged per room per night and are subject to 10% VAT.)

Ela Beach Hotel :

Tower Queen RoomK100.00 per night


aussie 09-04-2003 10:02 PM

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Holiday Inn, Waigani Drive, Port Moresby :

Garden Premium Room/Tower QueenK190.00 per night
Tower King K200.00 per night
Tower Suite K250.00 per night


aussie 09-04-2003 10:16 PM

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Crown Plaza Hotel :

Superior Queen Room K200.00 per night
Executive King RoomK240.00 per night


aussie 09-04-2003 10:17 PM

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Gateway Hotel :

Room Type-Room Rate
Standard K155.00
Premier K190.00
Suite K250.00
* Please note above rates are for accommodation only.

Alternatively, we also have a Room and Hire Car Package at only K329.00. This includes a Budget vehicle and accommodation in a Premier room, 100 free kilometres per day and Collision Damage Waiver Insurance.

Contact: Tel: (675) 327 8141 Fax: (675) 325 3248

aussie 09-04-2003 10:20 PM

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Venue Information

For information about the Royal Papua Yacht Club, visit their website at

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