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***aCe*** 10-01-2005 01:28 PM

Alarming rates on HIV/AIDS - revealed by Health Department
Just a few facts to keep HIV AIDS on your agenda:

A source from the National Health Department passed the following information with regards to HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea. The report is very disturbing considering the rate in which the infection is spreading.

PNG has now reached greater than 2% prevalence in antenatal mothers - it was 1% at the beginning of the year 2004 - once over one % it is labelled a generalised epidemic - this means more than 100,000 HIV positive people in PNG and that our prevalence at present rate is doubling annually:
  • in Nonga Base hospital found 6% of their blood donors HIV AIDS positive
  • in PMGH screening of 3000 emergency room patients found 18% HIV positive - this was random sample predominantly presenting with respiratory problems and fever/ malaria
  • it is now the leading cause of death in infants at PMGH

mangitbay 11-01-2005 11:22 AM

Any # from Manus?
Any information from the provinces? I am interested in the info from Manus. thanks...mangitbay

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