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Brisbane 05-01-2006 10:42 AM

Crater Mountain
Hello to all,

I am visiting PNG for the first time in April/May this year and wonder if anyone has recent information on visiting Crater Mountain Wildlife Conservation area in the Eastern Highlands?

I think that PNG has great tourist potential, especially grass roots tourism. There is certainly a niche for adventurous tourists who are not so much concerned with luxury but interested in authentic experiences. Hopefully this means that local people do not need to invest too heavily in infrastructure. Ecotourism Melanesia seem to be doing a good job in organising such tourism. What seems to be missing is information (advertising) in Australia and negative media exposure.

Any info on Crater Mountain would be much appreciated. I am also interested in travelling the coastal highway east of Kimbe so if anyone has some info on this area it would also be appreciated.

Happy New Year to all.

Barney 06-01-2006 01:35 PM


Crater Mountains and the areas beside it or leading from the Gulf side, has a lot in biodiversity, scenic views and even history.

No much is known of the potential this whole area has by way of 'Eco-Tourism'. I am currently doing seismic exploration work in these areas and I can assure you that this whole area sure has everything to give to adventurous tourists.

I am taking time out from work also and helping the locals realising the imense potential their place have, and I will shortly put something to Post Courier as well as Tourism Promotion Authority regarding a need to kick start a jungle tracking and site seeing business by way of 'Eco-Tourism' from headwaters of Gulf alongside the south of Simbu and all the way to Crater Mountains in Lufa (Goroka).


Brisbane 09-01-2006 01:23 PM

Quite a life you lead up their Barney. What do the local people you have spoken to think about receiving tourists? It seems in the past that perhaps unrealistic expectations have been raised and that this has inevitably led to disappointment. Still, authenticity, biological diversity, a peaceful and pristine environment, friendly peole: all becoming scarce in the 'modernised' world and thus bound to be more and more in demand by a significant minority of tourists.


Barney 23-01-2006 02:06 PM

I would say yes, if you refer to the past 'Kukukuku' people who live in the interior of the Gulf Province and towards the Eastern Highlands.They did have a past that was quite aggressive towards the 'first' whiteman and their New Guinea cargo boys, however today, it is totally diferent. Now you would find a peace loving people nestled in green valleys and surrounded by blue ridge mountains with a very fertile soil. The people and their place are laid back and are not corrupted by the social problems or even the politics of PNG.

Many tribes living along a head waters of Purari, to Vailala rivers, Wiawia village (descendants of the former Kukukuku tribe) have so much joy in seen other Papua New Guineans and Aussies or Americans working around their area or visiting their places.

I will send a letter very soon to PNG's Tourism Promotion Authority to carry out a field survey in the potential of this area and make it become a reality.

There's already seismic tracks there which can be used for jungle tracking. Big rivers are there for rafting or canoing and even the locals, many of those that were met had mini bush lodge for travellers that pass through their villages. Some had orchid gardens and flowers from their pristine and wild jungle.

A great potential is there, but it's not known to the very people who are supposed to know first such things.


djoe0635 02-11-2016 10:33 PM

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