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bahbah 12-11-2003 05:18 AM

Re: The impacts of tourism in Papua New Guinea

Originally posted by alison

SCENIC VIEW - The mountains tower over Yonki River towards Sogeri on the outskirts of Port Moresby city.

Are you sure it is the "Yonki River" at Sogeri. I would think that it is the Surinumu at Sogeri and Yonki in the Markham...I may be wrong.:smash:

***aCe*** 12-11-2003 09:30 AM

You're a damn right mistake! It is suppose to be Yonki River in Markham and not Sogeri. I went through the tread and edited that bit ....thanks for pointing that out!;)

jfawcett10 20-11-2003 10:42 AM

i agree that PNG is a beautiful place, and i agree that tourism is a great way to raise revanue and boost an economy...

but corporations seem to worry about profits and not about the damage they cause. I am not saying that EVERY corporation is like this, but i would say that the main objective for a corporation is to make money, and sometimes that means altering information to seem positive when it really isnt. I have done research and have seen the harm that tourism and adventure tourism has done to PNG. What is the deal with FIRST price and SECOND and THIRD price? It appeared to be a way for the tourists to take advantage of the very little business skills of the indiginous people. I will post a title of a video that proves this point, it shows that the indiginous people as if they are in a zoo, where people can just arrive and take pictures of them. Additionally, affluenza and relative deprivation, which are major cases in first world countries, will soon plague PNG because of the forced influence of capitalism onto their culture.
It also hurts me to see that the indiginous culture is fading away and being replaced by a fanasy culture created by the tourism industy.

Diedre 15-05-2019 08:46 PM

Also, because of tourism the mothers or women who lived in the village are able to sell their handicrafts. The women weave bilums (string basket), baskets, mats, hats with designs, they make beads or necklaces from shells and wild seeds to sell to tourists, Whereas men make carvings, drums, spears, bows and arrows to sell.

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