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New PNG Job Site - Ultimate marketing venue for jobseekers & employers
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YESTERDAY the world had powerful trains pulled by steam engines delivering goods and services and that kept people and communities in touch with each other, but today, the power of the internet makes it even easier to stay connected, make purchases and even find jobs online.

And speaking of which, it seems that more and more people in the world are looking for jobs online rather than in the newspapers. This is a fact that is emerging in the US, Europe, Australian and many other countries. The world is fast embracing modern technology and particularly the power of internet to do businesses, marketing of all sorts and find just about any kind of information.

And how advanced can we get? All the information can be obtained by just a simple click of a mouse.

The developing countries are also caught up in this surging trend and Papua New Guinea is no exception when it comes to doing business online. While the country’s majority (about 80 %) still occupy traditional land as subsistence farmers, its workforce have become advanced in keeping up with the changing times and the use of modern technology.

Today around the world, thousands of jobseekers as well as employers are logging online to find jobs or post up job vacancies on the available online venue. More and more Job sites are created thus making it easier for employers to hunt for future employees or for employees to hunt for job types on offer.

And if one is successful finding the desired job, there is the process of sending CVs and application form and all of this is also amazingly done online – with the use of the world’s most powerful tool – the internet.

As a result, Papua New Guinea Business & Tourism Directory (PNGBD) has come up with this brilliant idea of creating PNG’s website for employment classifieds. The New PNG Job Site as it is called, is an additional new feature on PNGBD with the aim of providing employment opportunities for professional Papua New Guineans both within the country and abroad.

With this available online job marketing venue, we hope to help more and more Papua New Guineans maximize their exposure online, seek employment elsewhere and help build their careers. With almost 6000 registered members and more and more people accessing our PNGBD website you are sure to find the fitting candidate for your job in any industry and at any level across the country and from abroad.

The New PNG Job Site provides tools to help you manage your job search and find your job faster. Quick and easy registration gives you instant access to job mail, my resume, application track and more. Employers can sign up for free but for a limited time only.

The internet makes it easier than ever to help you find your ideal job so why wait. Use the power of the internet today to help you find a job.

But until that happens, you can check out the link below that allow you to help or be helped in a whole bunch of ways.

The New PNG Job Site .


The New PNG Job Site provides an Excellent & Affordable marketing venue for jobseekers and employers.

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