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lanoor 21-02-2007 04:08 AM

help !
Hello. I am a college student that is doing research on PNG. I've been searching all around, and I have many questions to ask, so I decided to join this website and see if someone could help me. My issues are:
-the implementation of the declaration of granting independence to colonial countries related to the UN. I'd like to know what PNG thinks about that, and how its neighboring countries feel.
-the roles and responsibilties of the UN towards PNG. What is the UN doing to help it? How does the PNG interact with the UN?
-the effects of globalization on PNG. does it exist? how? in what manner?

I have found many answers to this, but I'd also like to see the papau new guenian people's views over these issues.

I am helpless. Could someone please help me? It is quite urgent.

"xtc" 05-03-2007 12:39 PM

Hi you may want to contact the 'post courier' newspaper who have been around preindependence and has ammasses a large collection of information regarding your topic.
You may wish to contact them
wish you luck

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