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***aCe*** 29-10-2003 06:44 PM

The impacts of tourism in Papua New Guinea
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The tourism industry has played a major role in the development of Papua New Guinea. The industry through its touring businesses or services has so far seen thousands of tourists visiting PNG each year for various reasons.
Diving and trekking are the leading tourist services that are available and of very high demand in the country right now. With that comes holidays, family visits, and others.

SCENIC VIEW - The mountains tower over Yonki River in Markham, Morobe Province.

***aCe*** 31-10-2003 12:15 PM

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It has been stressed from time to time that there is a lot of potential in
tourism industry in PNG. In fact PNG has a lot to offer in terms of
attracting tourists from anywhere in the world. There is an abundance supplyof natural resources; wildlife, marine resources, unique floras and faunas, and there are beautiful landscapes, exotic dive spots (infact PNG has been recognised as a No.1 dive spot in the world), evident world warsites, wrecks and relics - and renowned World War II treks or paths like the Kokoda Trail where thousands of tourists come by to trek each year; the Black Cat Trail in Salamaua, Morobe province and the Bulldog Track.

A landslide in the mountain side as seen along the Black Cat Trail in Salamaua in the Morobe province. The Black Cat Trail is an old war part where Australia fought hard with the Japanese soldiers in 1942.

***aCe*** 31-10-2003 12:24 PM

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There are also opportunities for bush walking, hiking or mountain climbing, canoeing/kayaking or sailing in this vast land mass - PNG is actually the second biggest island in the world after Greenland. All of these is complemented with the unique culture and the lifestyles of over 700 tribes in the country. Tourism has indeed become a major source of income for PNG.

An outrigger canoe and seen from behind is a tourist cruise ship in Alotau, on Milne Bay waters

***aCe*** 31-10-2003 12:43 PM

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Tourism and how it affects lives of local people in Papua New Guinea
Tourism in PNG is affecting lives of people in the country in a lot
of different ways. A lot of people including locals have benefited socially,
economically and in education wise from tourist services over the years and these people are still benefiting today.

The boom of tourism in PNG has created job opportunities for many unemployed youth in the villages and a basis for local and jobless mothers or women to earn their income. It has also brought about a lot of development in the country.

The Kerema ladies held a two-day show recently in Port Moresby to showcase their traditional handcrafts

***aCe*** 31-10-2003 01:17 PM

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Trekking business is now very common in Papua New Guinea especially with thelocals. Kokoda trail trekking is one of the fastest growing business in Papua New Guinea right now because of the high demand in number of tourist coming in each year. Hundreds of youth from villages are now employed in the trekking business to work as porters and guides for trekkers coming in from overseas. According to many of them, the money earned "is our bread and butter."

Porters help a trekker along the Kokoda Trail. Porters and guides are important people along the track and they get paid for their services

***aCe*** 31-10-2003 01:30 PM

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Also, because of tourism the mothers or women who lived in the village are able to sell their handicrafts. The women weave bilums (string basket), baskets, mats, hats with designs, they make beads or necklaces from shells and wild seeds to sell to tourists, Whereas men make carvings, drums, spears, bows and arrows to sell.

Mothers selling their crafts at the market

***aCe*** 31-10-2003 01:45 PM

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Do locals receive money from tourist companies?
Yes of course they do but at times they benefit directly from tourists. If
the tourist company is responsible for bringing tourist into a local area,
they have to pay the locals for the use of their resources while visiting
the place.

Do tourist affect local?
No. Not at all . The locals are just glad to have them. around....the presence of tourists gives them a taste of what is like out in the advanced world.

Are land destroyed due to tourism?
No. there are certain rules protecting land or what is in the land from
being exploited or taken out of the country and tourists are complying well with these laws.

Are you wanting to become more westernised by offering tours?

Im not too sure if that is what most Papua New Guineans would want. PNG like many countries in the Pacific is still developing. I think the main reason for offering tours is just the same with most countries. I think by offering tours means we want to show the world what we've got at the same time attract more tourists to come to our country - obvioulsy more tourists means more money. This also applies to bringing
development and job opportunities in our country.

The Aroma Coast in the Central Province

***aCe*** 31-10-2003 01:53 PM

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"We are the people very proud of our culture and we preserve these cultures through cultural shows activities and etc. A lot of tourists are really very fascinated with our cultures."

Ladies from the Oro province in Papua New Guinea

jfawcett10 11-11-2003 04:36 AM

i would suspect that the PNG people would be annoyed that many foreign people are for the most part, invading their land. I would bet that the PNG locals would rather live life the way it was before tourism took over their true way of life.

i wish you would mention some of the negative aspects of tourism in PNG, but you dont, hmm.....

***aCe*** 11-11-2003 04:49 PM

An interesting perspective! Yes there maybe positive and negative impacts of tourism in PNG and maybe other world for that matter - but we see today with our nagging economy more good on tourism rather than bad (someone correct me if I am wrong).

Tourism has done a lot for this country and I can't simply think why anyone could be so blind to see that. To say toursists are invading our country is like an insult to many who have come by and have fallen in love with our beautiful country and its many natural beauty and fascinating cultures of people.

I don't know where you are coming from but when we talk about tourism we talk about, development, revenue, job opportunities - certainly there is no need to go on as I have mentioned these already (above) and the very people who are accused of invading our country are the ones who bring about these changes.

I don't think it is appropriate now to say that the locals would rather live the way it was before tourism took place. I think many Locals have had their taste of modernization or civilization even before the tourists or tourism took place in Papua New Guinea. The tourists are just here (and thanks to them) to enhance or broaden their knowledge.

It is true and I have heard ( though it hasn't been proven) about foreignors exploiting our cultures, our resources but I think it all goes back to our ineffectiveness. I believe if there are fully established copyrights law in place to protect our culture and our traditional arts, this laws will be respected and approriate action will be taken should anything happen.

Tourists help not only in promoting our country but in painting a good image despite the many negative publicities about our country.
I mean let people come see and experience PNG for themselves. They may have had a negative impression before but I guess many go away satisfied and happy knowing that our country is not what is seems according to media. This are very people that go back to their country and spread the good there is about PNG and they should be applauded - first for choosing to come here despite the bad publicity and for erasing doubts in many people's minds.

It is my job to promote tourism in Papua New Guinea and would not try to paint a bad picture as I believe strongly that Papua New Guinea is rich in beauty, in culture and are indeed very friendly beings. I mean..think about it - every town or places on earth has its own crime!

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