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defocatiis 08-07-2002 09:15 AM

Living in Lae

my name is Davide De Focatiis, and I currently live in Oxford, UK. I am from Italy. I am looking into an opportunity to teach Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University that as I understand is 8km outside Lae.

I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to tell me a bit about what the place is like, what sort of accommodation there is, how is the university campus, how is the weather (I hear it is wet! But warm...), and how people live in Lae generally.

Thank you very much,


Todez55 08-07-2002 11:51 AM

Hi There!
This is wonderful, however, I am currently living in Port Moresby, But I could forward your emial address to someone who currently resides in Lae and can help describe the entire place to you. If that's okay with you?


defocatiis 08-07-2002 09:43 PM

Living in Lae (2)
Please feel free to forward my email to anyone who could provide some information about Lae.

I have been a little concerned, and admittedly also slightly put off by the reports in the forum on Port Moresby about crime, and also by the apparently high rent prices (presumably because they are associated to 24h security, etc.). I hope you will be able to dismiss them... :)

Many thanks for your time,


muppie 17-07-2002 09:48 PM

Hi Davide,

Normally accommodation is taken care of / paid by the company who hired you, on top of your salary so there should not be a problem there.

If you browse around the photos section you can see the photos of Lae and Morobe Province so you can have some idea about it.

I don't think you need to be overly concern as it is not as bad as it sounds. There are many expatriates living in PNG including Lae happily for years and years.

Hope you will join them and help PNG by sharing your knowledge.


aussie 31-08-2002 08:32 AM

University of Technology
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Hello there,

I personally lived in Lae for over 14 years during the early 70's onwards and it was a great place back then.

No criminal activity, just a beautiful little town with so much greenery that any gardener would be proud of.

However, in the late eighties (which incidently helped us make our decision to move), like most towns in PNG, you started hearing about break-ins etc.

As for the University itself, it is situated approximately a 10 minute drive from the city of Lae and has all its own accommodation on site.

I am not aware of the situation today, but back then the University used to employ a lot of lecturers from other countries.

The last time I visited there was last year for the first time in 10 years and I thought I would see lots of improvement since I left.

However, I was disappointed as the road from Lae to Unitech used to be a nice easy drive in a normal sedan vehicle....but last year you needed a four wheel drive to dodge all the pot holes.

Seems not much money has been spent on upgrading this part of the province which is quite sad because a lot of tourists alone travel out there to visit the PNG Habitat which is a MUST SEE PLACE when visiting Lae.

Picture taken last year of the Lae Technical College (not the University)

sividlae 05-10-2002 01:13 PM

Living in Lae
Hi Davide,

I just recently graduated from University of Technology in Lae April 2002, if thats where you're planning on going. Don't believe everything you read in the papers. I didn't have any problems with crime even I am a female, who enjoyed my night life as anyone else in other parts of the world would do.

I only moved to Australia in July 2002 for the most important reason: that is to be with the man I loved, otherwise I would still be in Lae. People are pretty down to earth and yes University is 8km from the city centre.

The university is secured on it's own block, lots of fresh food from the local markets and most cheapest place in PNG.

Majority of the lecturers are expartriates and PNG does still need outside expertise to develop. I say this because PNGs' own leaders can't take good care of the country.

It's the biggest recipient of Australia Aid.
Enjoy your stay!

Anthony 29-10-2002 07:40 PM

Hey David,

I lived in Lae between 1992 & 1995 and loved every moment of it! The people where great and the country beautiful, but be prepared for a very different lifestyle.

Be prepared to leave most of your luxuries behind but experience an entirely different world.

Good Luck - go open minded and you'll love it.

Mollie... 30-04-2005 05:49 PM

Hi David,

Don't know if you're still interested... if you are, here's a bit of info.

I live at in Lae with my family at the Lae University of Technology, which is outside of Lae town. The University has good security and is a good place to work. The town (Lae) is alright... though I'd say the first couple of times you go there, it would be good to go with someone who knows the place. Like any other place, Lae has it's share of criminal activities. Oh yeah! The weather is pretty much rainy season half the time and the opposite the other half of the time.

The following is the Universities website:
You will find some interesting stuff about the University there.

Hope this helps,

red 16-06-2005 01:01 PM


If you can also give me an email address of someone in Lae, I would be greatfull.
I have been offered a job there and I would like to learn more of the day-to -day cost of living.



Mollie... 15-07-2005 05:17 PM


Sorry it's taken me a little while to reply. You can email the following person who is from Lae and lives in Lae... Her name is Michelle.

I personally think that Lae is a wonderful place to live and work in. As mentioned, you have to be prepared for a totally different lifestyle and culture. I'm sorry I don't have any latest pictures of Lae. When I do get a couple I'll send them to you.

Where exactly will you be working? If at the University, please let me know as my family & myself live at the University campus.


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