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KowahB 15-02-2009 05:51 PM

Information Regarding Steven Bubner.
Right, so 3 years ago I posted a few replies on a topic regarding Steven Bubner.

And they were quite childish because, I was, in fact still a child.
These days though, I'm a legal adult, and I've decided to fill you all in on the man. My old man, as it were.

I already wrote some epic reply on the same topic, but I somehow deleted it, so, sorry about that.

Umm, where to begin?
Steven is well.
He and my Mother were married, then split shortly after I was born (he was 22, she was 23) and it was certainly on no fault of his, they just knew they weren't ready for that kinda thing.
They still saw each other regularly I believe and still loved each other, and from what I can ascertain from the more recent contact he and I have had, he still loves her, she still loves him, but they aren't in love. You know what I mean.
Steven also has a 15 year old daughter, who is a really beautiful kid as well, to his second partner, who've been together roughly that amount of time as well.

I'll try and find some photos of the dude, even though, remarkably, aside from weathered features, he has aged quite gracefully.
To anyone wanting to know specifics and whatnot, I'll keep my eye on this page and answer any questions you have, because he doesn't have an internet connection at the present time.

Hope to hear from you all.
Sorry about doing your heads in a bit earlier.
Kowah Alexander Bubner.

And if my grandfather still uses this forum, can some-one give him a heads up for me and tell him I've been tryin to get in contact with him for a while, just never crossed my mind to come back here?

robbo 13-05-2009 06:38 PM

Can you please give him my regards, i was good friends with your dad
my name is Pauline Robertson, I hope he is well and life is treating him kindly he was a lot of fun at school and use to cop a bit of flack.


and yes its good to see that you have grown up (it happens to the best of us dude xx)

cbubner 05-08-2010 05:29 PM

Hi there

It is Chris here, Stevens brother. I need him to contact me as his father is very ill. Can you get him to email me his phone number and I will ring him.


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