View Full Version : Watut growers organize to sell produce

storm boy
21-01-2004, 11:14 AM

GROWERS from remote upper Watut area of the Bulolo district of Morobe recently saw cold hard cash earned from a group marketing scheme initiated by the Coffee Industry Corporation.

The farmers organize themselves and earned over K140,000 from group marketing. Initially when they market their coffee individually, they do not have bargaining power. However, the group marketing has really assisted them.

The assistance was possible through the PNG Coffee Growers Federation basically to meet coffee growers and support the effort of the extension officers in that area. During that visit the awareness meeting on Group marketing (Yumi Yet Kofi) Co-operative concept was launched.

Since that day the coffee growers in the Watut area decided to organize themselves and get into the Yumi Yet Kofi program and mobilize their coffee to market. They have done it successfully this year and as a result of this three coffee growers, messers Tainas Joseph, Kemis Erisa, Aaron Kano from Tauwa village in the upper Watut area traveled all the way from their village with Mr Pison Moyor, who is the team leader for the Watut Coffee Growers Co-operative to CIC headquarter to meet with the CIC officers. This is their first time ever to travel to Goroka to find out for themselves.

They were very pleased with the Group Marking Co-operative (Yumi Yet Kofi) approach and are going back home to organize and mobilize the coffee growers to move all their coffee through their own marketing group to maximize net return from their coffee.

The news of the latest organized marketing under the concept has spread throughout the Watut coffee growing areas and the coffee growers are mobilizing themselves to pool all their coffee and market it as one.

They are going back to carry out maintenance on their airstrips and roads to bring in trucks and airplanes to move their coffee to the market. They now have six-hundred bags of parchment coffee waiting to be airlifted from Tauwa airstrip.

Since transport has been one of their main problems, the coffee growers who have seen what group marketing can do for them. They have all agreed that as of this month, each coffee grower will donate two (2) coffee parchment bags to go towards purchasing of two eight-tonne tructs to move their from from as far as Aseki to Lae. The current indication is that at least 3,000 bags will be organized. Given the current estimate at least K280,000 can be raised.

The Co-operative Group Marketing concept (Yumi Yet Kofi) has many advantages and one of which is getting coffee to work and assist coffee growers thus making the CIC dormant motto come to live