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17-01-2004, 02:07 PM

ARONIS village is situated some 70-kilometres out of the provincial town of Madang province along the north coast road.

The villagers are predominantly copra and cocoa cash crop farmers, however, in the last half a decade one crop that has really made a big impact on their lives is vanilla.

Many villagers who have their gardens inland from the coast have already are cleared bushes and have started planting shade trees to later cultivate vanilla. They say once the shade trees are firmly established they would grow vanilla cuttings next to them.

A good number of Aronis villagers have already sold their beans to a local exporter in Madang, while others are bringing beans to Wewak which they reckon is giving good price.

“Some of us have opted to bring our produce to sell in Wewak because the exporters there offer good price for the beans,” said one grower

In fact, in most parts of the northern coast of the country in the agriculture sector, vanilla has made a big impact on the lives of growers who never dreamt of earning huge returns from the sale of this crop.

The vanilla crop, which is fetching over K600 per kilogram, has attracted many people in the vanilla producing provinces to plant vanilla. The crop is now grown in East and West Sepik, Manus, East and West New Britain, Bougainville, Madang, Morobe, Central and Oro.

The Highlands provinces of Eastern Highlands and Chimbu have began experimenting with cuttings.

The Department of Agriculture and Livestock recently stated that vanilla exports from East Sepik alone has produced 70-80 per cent of the vanilla grown in Papua New Guinea.

In August last year, a pioneer Sepik grower and exporter Allan Bird, in an interview with a local newspaper stated that vanilla exports from East Sepik alone was expected to fetch K100 million.

Mr Bird said some 200 tonnes would be produced from East Sepik’s vanilla-belt villages in Drekikir, Wosera and Maprik.

Meanwhile, vanilla exports are projected to increase by 50 per cent this year from the 2002 export figures of 70 tonnes worth K23 million, according to the acting chief executive of the PNG Spice Industry Board, Michael Waisime.

In seven months to July 2003, official figures showed exports totaled 95 tones valued at K59 million.


04-02-2004, 07:32 PM
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