View Full Version : Oro Coffee Mill launching - an important stepping stone to economic benefits

05-01-2004, 12:41 PM

THE RE-OPENING and launching of the Oro Coffee Mill in mid December 2003 indeed marks a very significant stepping stone to economic recovery and benefits to the smallholder coffee growers in the Oro Province, who over the years have been deprived of selling their produce.

A grower representative at the occasion put it colourfully saying mill re-opening is an “early Christmas gift” for the Oro coffee growers.

The ceremony was celebrated with a spectacular display of typical Oro traditional sing-sing accompanied by slaughtering of several pigs for visitors and dignitaries.

Oro dancers display their tradition at the launching

05-01-2004, 12:45 PM
The Oro mill was closed some three years ago due to mismanagement, political interference and landowner issues causing coffee growers in the province such a difficult time to market their produce.

Most of the coffee produce in Oro had to be shifted to Lae, consequently adding the province’s coffee production to Morobe.

The mill was officially launched last Monday by the Governor of Oro Pastor Bani Hoivo when he pressed the push-start button to the mill.

In a symbolic gesture at the re-opening the keys to the mill were handed over to the Oro Governor by a grower representative, Starford Ogaita. The Governor then passed on the keys to the Oro provincial government Economic Sector Chairman, Hentin Emboge who then passed it onto the Chief Executive of the Coffee Industry Corporation Ltd, Ricky Mitio.

The Oro Mill will be managed by a new and competent management company to be facilitated by the CIC

The Oro Govenor, Mr Hoivo committed K50,000 to the initial operational costs of the mill, while the Correctional Institution Minister and Member for Sohe, Peter Oresi gave a K25,000 commitment.

The CIC Chief Executive, Mr Mitio urged the growers to make use of the mill to process their coffee. This in turn would assist in fetching much needed cash to support the province’s economy.

Mr Mitio also urged them to grasp coffee firmly as it is a very important crop in the economy of this country.

Remarks by growers spokesmen have been that there should not be political interference in the operational aspects of the coffee mill. It has to be an independent entity aimed at assisting growers getting maximum benefits from their coffee produce.

Grower representative, Starford Ogaita urged coffee growers to forget their past differences and work together with the new management to reap benefits from the coffee mill.

He said politics should not be brought into the running of the mill.

“We understand CIC is an expert in coffee business so let the experts run the mill as a business and not let politics interfere,” Mr Ogaita said.


Ladies in traditional attire pose in front of the new coffee Mill