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09-08-2003, 06:36 PM
The INA is a privately funded research institute and there were 87 companies contributing K233,091 to the cost of the INA in 2002 which was an increase of around 5% over 2001. This was considerably worse than inflation for the previous year. Nevertheless the total cost of running the Institute in 2001 will be around K580,000 excluding the cost of studies that are externally funded. This should be compared with the National Research Institute, which has a budget of K2.5 million for 2003.

The Institute is very conscious of the need to raise as much of its revenue as it can. To that end more than K150,000 has been made from Treasury Bills during 2002 due to investment of grants and advance payments. An administration fee is charged to donors for all studies that are undertaken and the CIMC is charged an administration fee. In addition the office rent is reduced by sharing with other tenants and the flat at Davetari Drive is rented out where possible. Sales of publications have improved up with the appointment of our part time librarian.

The INA plays a pivotal role in the operation of the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council (CIMC). This council was set up to try and ensure that the recommendations from the National and Regional Development Forums are followed up and some action is taken. Obviously all the (more than 100) recommendations can not be implemented in any one year, nevertheless we have had some success and are trying to improve the rate of success in 2001.

The INA became involved with the CIMC because of a need to ensure that it was not absorbed into the government thereby risking that the follow up work for the 1998 Summit and subsequent Forums would not be acted upon. It was also important in giving the concept some credence in approaching donors for funding.

In 2000 the INA resurrected the Speech Series that was popular in the 1980's. Four papers were given and they were wll attended. Copies were made available to members. It is intended to continue the series during 2003 and already three events have been held under these auspices. Others will be held when speakers who are topical and interesting are available.

The Institute has presented fortnightly Forums in the Post Courier, taken part in a number of talk back radio programmes. The INA is playing a leading role in the fight against corruption through Transparency International and the Community Coalition Against Corruption.

the Director has been invited to a number of overseas conferences funded by international bodies like the World Bank and the Australian National University.

The institute is still undermanned. A part time librarian is cataloguing all the publications in the library with a view to making this available on a website. AESOP has been approached for assistance in this regard. The director is still involved in a lot of administration work, which reduces the effective time spent in research and research related activities. It is important that the level of funding is increased so that the organisation can function effectively.

We have an intstitution which is unique in the developing world, it was started by people who had a vision about PNG and about the need for independent research to be done and independent advice given. There are few, if any, other similar organisations in the developing world and indeed in the developed world. We need your support to keep it going and to allow it to achieve more.

We are in the process of finalising a study on the national Integrity Systems of PNG, seeking funding for a comprehensive study of the agricultural sector (presently held up by the Department of Planning and Rural Development), undertaking a study into the reasons why various reforms have or have not succeeded in the period 1990-2003 and looking at a number of other possible studies. Additionally the INA is well positioned to carry out research for any organisation or business where funding is provided by the organisation.

In conclusion I would welcome any suggestions that you might have about potential research projects for 2003. In doing so I would remind you that the INA restricts its research to matters affecting the economy in general rather than individual firms or industries.

Yours Sincerely

Philip Franklin

09-08-2003, 06:41 PM
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