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15-05-2003, 07:35 PM
Author: Rogers, Genevieve
Year: 2000
Pages: 256pp
ISBN: 1740080874
Category: Histories
Description: A Memoir
Territory of Papua and New Guinea 1945-1975

The Territory Kids (www.seaviewpress.com.au/more.asp?id=135) have a unique place in Australian history: they are the children of Australia’s only colony and their story is unlike any other Australian story.

Foreword by the Hon Alastair Nicholson, A0 RFD, Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia Territory Kids.

The European children of the Australian colonial presence in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea speak here of their childhoods in a place now lost to history forever.

The Territory Kids recall with affection and insight the place and the people of their formative years.

Theirs is a moving tribute to the extraordinary environment in which they were fashioned in circumstances radically different from the Australian mainland which had formed their own parents.

From the awesome power of volcanoes and tidal waves to the wonder and magic of the sing sings; from the tedium of correspondence education to the emotional wrench of ‘going South’ to Australian boarding schools; from the caring ministrations of the bois and meris to the demands of mainland life, the Territory Kids drew lessons and life experience which set them apart from other Australians.

With the robustness peculiar to children everywhere they seized the opportunities in their small world, and they look back now with few regrets. Their recollections are charming, frank, refreshing and perceptive: a vivid recreation of a time and a place now gone.

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