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15-02-2003, 07:33 PM
Momentum is picking up for the 3rd Papua New Guinea Coffee Festival & Trade Fair, which has been set for May 2 and 3 in scenic and idyllic Goroka, capital of the Eastern Highlands of PNG.

Goroka Township and Valley is pictured at below, covered by mist, as majestic Mount Michael at 12000 ft – one of the great peaks of PNG – looms in the background.

The PNG Coffee Festival & Trade Fair will be held at the Raun Raun Theatre in Goroka, thanks to the generosity of the National Cultural Commission and the Raun Raun Theatre management.

The event has been publicised throughout the world on the Internet, through email distribution of this newsletter, and through both local and overseas media.

Overseas travel agents, Air Niugini/PNG Tourism Promotion Authority offices around the world, as well as PNG overseas missions abroad have been informed about the event so that they can pass on the message to potential tourists.

The colourful 2003 PNG Yearbook published by The National newspaper, which has been distributed throughout PNG and the world, carries advance notice about the PNG Coffee Festival & Trade Fair as well as general information about Goroka and Eastern Highlands.

Log on to the PNG Business & Tourism Directory at www.pngbd.com or the PNG Promotion Promotion Authority website at www.pngtourism.org.pg for the latest on the PNG Coffee Festival & Trade Fair

15-02-2003, 07:35 PM
This January edition of this newsletter has also been printed in Tok Pisin and distributed throughout the Highlands of PNG to the people who really matter – the rural coffee growers.

Feedback in general has been very good, and because of this, organiser Norman Carver envisages more participation from both companies and individuals this year.

He also expects more visitors from both overseas and other parts of PNG.

The popular Coffee Ball, an annual Goroka extravaganza that pulls in visitors from all around PNG, is planned for the night of Saturday, May 3. It promises to be a great night out for all who will be participating in the PNG Coffee Festival & Trade Fair, visitors from overseas and other parts of PNG, as well as locals.

Open invitations have been extended to businesses, Government Departments and Agencies, Non Government Organisations, Foreign Missions and Trade Delegations, as well as individuals to take up stalls and participate in the event.

15-02-2003, 07:36 PM
During the two - day festival and expo, it is envisaged that a wide range of business stalls including real estate, hotels, carriers, coffee exporters, Government coffee agencies, community groups, universities, colleges, commercial banks, the Institute of Medical Research, conservation groups, non coffee manufacturers, agricultural suppliers, radio and computer technology companies, school groups, and many others will also take part.

Some of these activities will include: approximately 30 to 40 traditional singsing groups from around PNG, theatre groups, coffee roasting and tasting, pony rides, helicopter joy rides, fairy floss, an optical workshop, and a movie cinema. As well the popular Kainantu pottery, basket weavers from Lufa, and various others arts and crafts from both within and outside Eastern Highlands will be on display.

The event is, educational, interesting, and mainly just a fun day out.

Gate fees for resident expatriates and local Papua New Guineans is: K4 per day for adults and K2 per day for children.

Bona fide tourist fees are: AUD$50 for a two – day pass for adults and AUD$25 for a two day pass for children. This cost includes: two - day pass, a return transfer to accommodation from festival, and local school student as a guide (if required at the Festival only).

To participate or sponsor, please contact: Telephone: (675) 7321602, Facsimile: (675) 7323302 Email: png.gold@global.net.pg

15-02-2003, 07:39 PM
Information and picture supplied by Coffee Industry Corporation :

Contrary to what is often assumed, Papua New Guinea's coffee industry is not based upon large, corporately-owned plantations, but on tens of thousands of small, village coffee gardens. Typically, they range in size from twenty trees to five or six hundred.

These family-owned coffee gardens produce over seventy percent of the countries' annual exportable crop; a crop which has averaged one million bags, or sixty thousand tonnes per year in recent times. The balance of the crop is grown on commercial plantations, which range from twenty to one hundred hectares and more in size.

Again, of a total of four hundred and sixty-one plantations registered with the Coffee Industry Corporation, all but half a dozen of the largest are owned by local, village-based business groups or locally-born individuals.

It is estimated that nearly two million people, or almost half of the nation's population, derive a benefit from the coffee industry.

Certainly, in the highlands provinces, commerce and development would never have reached today's levels without the annual flow of income from this crop, a flow which begins in April, peaks in July/August and then tapers off quickly, so that the highland towns are comparatively quiet again in the final months of the year.

The coffee crop is 'green gold' which enriches the country annually to the extent of three to four hundred million kina in overseas earnings. It is PNG's most valuable agricultural export. And it is an eternally renewable resource.

The balance of consumption against production in world terms is an up-and-down equation, but at present the near-term outlook for the PNG grower is good.

In particular, the increasing demand for organically-grown coffee presents opportunities for PNG. With his ability to supply a naturally-grown, naturally-processed product the village-based coffee grower in PNG faces a reasonably assured future.

PNG's Arabica coffee is intrinsically a very good one, known for its good body and acidity, and will always be looked for in the market whilst it enjoys a reputation for reliable quality.

PNG's coffee industry is here for the long haul.

This 'green gold' will continue to provide income and stability for generations of small growers in PNG's coffee producing provinces.

15-02-2003, 07:45 PM
An Open Invitation to Participate and/or Sponsor the
Papua New Guinea Coffee Festival & Trade Fair - 2003 :

Dear Sir/Madam

The third Papua New Guinea Coffee Festival & Trade Fair has been set for May 2 and 3 in the idyllic surrounds of Goroka, capital of PNG’s Eastern Highlands. The event first started in 2001 and has since grown in participation and popularity, now attracting both national and international media attention.

The Papua New Guinea Coffee Festival & Trade Fair is one of the Eastern Highlands’ biggest annual events, and provides a direct link between the expatriate/business communities and the region’s grassroots - PNG communities.

The underlying aim of the PNG Coffee Festival & Trade Fair is to improve prosperity for individuals and the business community through the promotion and development of coffee and agriculture. It also aims to re-focus national attention on productive work ethics and business practices.

We are hereby inviting your participation in this two day event by way of taking up a Stall. We are also actively seeking Corporate and Individual Sponsorships.

Stall fees have been deliberately reduced from last year’s fees to encourage greater stallholder participation. Low gate entry fees are also designed to provide a strong incentive for a high flow of visitors throughout the event. Details of stall fees and sponsorship levels are given below. Also included are ticket prices for the Coffee Ball, to be held on the evening of May 3.

The major sponsor will be given rights to use the Papua New Guinea Coffee Festival & Trade Fair name in their own advertising programmes. All sponsors will be named on appropriate event banners, receive certificates of appreciation, be acknowledged in The National and Post Courier newspapers, as well as being constantly promoted during the actual festival. Importantly, sponsors will have the satisfaction of knowing they have provided targeted support to the economic sustainability of PNG communities, from business right down to the grassroots village level.

We look forward to your participation in this most worthwhile event.
To sponsor or participate, please contact our sales team: Mabel or Christine on Telephone: (675) 732 1602, Facsimile: (675) 732 3302, Email: png.gold@global.net.pg

Yours sincerely

Norman M Carver

15-02-2003, 07:48 PM
Stall Fees :

15-02-2003, 07:51 PM
Further information can be obtained from

PNG Highlands Tours,
PO Box 583,
Goroka, Eastern Highlands,
Papua New Guinea

Telephone: (+675) 7321602.
Facsimile: (+675) 7323302.

Email: png.gold@global.net.pg