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09-12-2002, 01:45 PM
Mobil is committed to achieving flawless execution of their business processes and paractices. Experience has shown them this is not only important in upholding the reputation and integrity of the company, but also makes good business sense. To help ensure that their goods and services suppliers are similarly committed to these objectives, they periodically communicate their standards.

The Company's standards cover safety, alcohol and drug use, contract awards, personal business behaviour, compliance with all applicable laws, adequate internal controls and the propert recording and reporting of all transactions. It is fundamental that all financial settlements, reports and invoicing correctly reflect the business transactions between them.

They want to emphasise that no person in Mobil is authorised to ask any organisation to take action on their behalf which is contrary to any laws, regulations, or their own stated policies. They are committed to ensuring that contracts and other awards are made in a fair manner.

They encourage you to contact them if you are aware of any practices, which fail to meet these standards, or if you have any concerns in this regard.

Another key standard is their policy on the receipt of gifts and entertainment. In order to ensure that their suppliers are judged on solely commercial criteria, their employees are not permitted to receive gifts or favours which exceed a nominal value, or to receive any extravagant or frequent entertainment fromindividuals, companies or firms who do business, or seek to do business with them.

Consistent with their standards on alcohol and drug use, they request you do not provide alcohol as a gift. You are likely aware of their gift and entertainment policy, but they have found that firm re-confirmation of their position is beneficial both to them and their business associates.

They also ask you to be alert to the potential for Illegal Information Brokering where persons approach suppliers offering confidential information that is used to obtain business through corruption of the competitive bidding process. Such practice is illegal and they ask that you report the occurrence of any such incident.

For best awareness and understanding of their business standards, they would appreciate you bringing this announcement to the attention of those within your organisation who have business contacts with them.

Should you at any time have any questions or concerns as to the application of these business standards, please contact Robert Torcutti, Business Services Manager PNG Region on 322 2206.

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Papua New Guinea.

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