View Full Version : K3.78m ADB funds boost for Gumine to Kundiawa Road !

17-11-2002, 11:08 AM
The Asian Development Bank has injected a total of K3.78 million for the maintenance of the 35km Kundiawa to Gumine road in Chimbu Province.

Governor Fr Louie Ambane acknowledged ADB and said road infrastructures were "very important" in thelives of the rural population.

"Without road networks there won't be any socio-economic developments in the Highlands region," Fr Ambane said.

he also thanked the Port Moresby based Dekenai Construction for undertaking the task.

"Dekenai was awarded the contract to seal five kilometres and maintain another 5.5km of the Kundiawa/Gumine road.

Dekanai's operations manager James Fallo9n said the project should be completed within eight months.

Mr Fallon said the other 24.5km of the road (between Munuma and Gumine) would be maintained if additional financiala resources were allocated.

Dekanai's public relations officer Charlie Nul has appealed to the Dom people to co-operate with the workmen and take care of the heavy duty equipment.

17-11-2002, 11:09 AM
Donor members agreed to the sixth replenishment of the ADF (ADF VII) to finance the Bank's concessional loan operations during the period 1997-2000. Australia has pledged $A231. million to the replenishment, to be paid over an 11 year period beginning in 1997-98. This contribution makes Australia the fourth largest donor after Japan, the US and Germany.

Australia holds an important position within the governance of the ADB. Australia holds one of the twelve Executive Directorships on the Bank's Board of Directors, and is responsible for a constituency of countries including Cambodia, Hong Kong, Kiribati, the Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu. Australia individually holds just over 5% of the voting power in the Bank while the constituency which it represents holds just over 8% in total.

The Australian Government's relationship with the ADB is managed jointly by the Department of Treasury which is responsible for financial management, and AusAID which advises on policy issues.